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October 7, 2008

The following is a directory of select additives suppliers and their products. For more details on the products listed in this guide, contact the companies directly.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Smyrna, GA
(800) 523-7391
Fax: (866) 705-0465
E-mail: sales@archbiocides.com
Web site: www.archbiocides.com
Additives Offered: algaecides, bactericides, biocides, fungicides, mildewcides

Zinc Omadine ZOE Antimicrobials

The ZOE dispersion is the latest addition to the Omadine antimicrobial product line and is formulated to prevent discoloration due to interactions with various elements in paint formulations.

Proxel AQ

The Proxel AQ bactericide offers a broad spectrum, cost-effective and efficient solution for preserving aqueous compositions such as paints, water-based adhesives, pigment dispersions and more. �


Wallingford, CT
(203) 265-2086
Fax: (203) 284-9158
E-mail: cs.usa@byk.com
Web site: www.byk.com/additives


The growing demand for high solids systems and additives that suit their requirements provoked us to develop DisperBYK-2155, a new 100% solids, liquid wetting and dispersing additive. The special spherical structure makes it a high molecular weight, yet flowable polymer resulting in excellent wetting and dispersing action combined with wide compatibility.

Aquatix 8421

Aquatix 8421 is the first rheology modifying wax additive for aqueous coatings. Ready to use and easy to incorporate, Aquatix 8421 also provides an excellent orientation of effect pigments, which is a big advantage when compared to commonly used products. With Aquatix 8421 there is no need for an extra rheology modifier.

Clariant Corporation

Coventry, RI
(800) 441-4414
Fax: (401) 823-2565
E-mail: pa.custsrv@clariant.com
Web site: www.pa.clariant.com
Additives Offered: Antioxidants, flame retardants, light stabilizers,� UV absorbers, waxes

Croda Inc.

Edison, NJ
(732) 417-0800
Fax: (732) 417 0804
E-mail: marketing@crodausa.com
Web site: www.croda.com
Additives Offered: surfactants and dispersants


Polymeric dispersants developed for stabilizing inorganic and organic pigments in aqueous and non-aqueous coatings. Zephryms impact excellent wetting properties that gives high gloss and color strength.


Tego Coating Additives & Specialty Resins

Hopewell, VA USA
(804) 446-1809
Fax: (804) 541-6290
E-mail: frances.eggleston@evonik.com
Web site: www.tego.de
Additives Offered: adhesion promoters, anti-blocking agents, anti-foaming agents, dispersing agents, flow control agents, slip aids, thickening agents, waxes

Keim-additec Surface GmbH

Kirchberg, Germany
0049 6763 9333 0
Fax: 0049 6763 9333 30
E-mail: info@keim-additec.de
Web site: www.keim-additec.de
Additives Offered: water-based UltraLube wax additives

UltraLube Wax Additives

Aqueous and solvent-based UltraLube wax additives based on different wax types and wax compounds to achieve various properties within exterior and interior can-coating formulations.

King Industries

Norwalk, CT
(203) 866-5551
Fax: (203) 866-1268
E-mail: coatings@kingindustries.com
Web site: www.kingindustries.com
Additives Offered: anti-flooding agents, anti-foaming agents, antioxidants, anti-rust agents, anti-sagging agents, anti-settling agents, anti-skinning agents, catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, dispersing agents, flow control agents, suspension agents, thickening agents

Lanxess Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA
E-mail: info@lanxess.com
Web site: www.us.lanxess.com,
Additives Offered: adhesion promoters, algicides, antioxidants, anti-rust agents, anti-settling agents, bactericides, biocides for in-can and dry-film preservation, including an expanded offering of VOC-free and low VOC active ingredients and formulations, catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, fillers, flame retardants, fungicides, mildewcides, plasticizers, water treatment chemicals

Preventol MP 100 IP Preservative

99% IPBC. For use as a dry-film paint preservative; this product inhibits the growth of mold and mildew in solvent-based paints and waterborne paints, stains and latex emulsions. Preventol MP 100 IP Preservative can also be used in building materials, adhesives including flooring adhesives or carpet backing, sealants, grouts, paper coatings, plastics, plastic coatings and wodod preservatives.

Preventol P 100 IP Preservative & Preventol P 30

99% and 30% Bronopol, respectively.���� Preventol P 100 Preservative and Preventol P 30 are effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including sulfate-reducing, anaerobic types. Additionally, these products are effective at preventing the formation of biofilms and slime deposits. They can be used in water-based paints and other emulsion systems, adhesives, pigment and mineral slurries, concrete admixtures, printing inks, metal working fluids, and other applications.

Laurel Products, LLC

Elverson, PA
Fax: 610-286-2540
E-mail: sales@laurelproducts.com
Web site: www.laurelproducts.com
Additives Offered: PTFE and FEP micropowder as well as PTFE aqueous and solvent based dispersions


DF-20A is a dry-film lubricant that is specially formulated suspension of our novel powders in IPA and includes a proprietary adhesion promoter for applications that require more permanency.


AD-10A is an aqueous PTFE dispersion that includes an additional proprietary adhesion promoter for applications that require more permanency. It is also a no VOC alternative to solvent based dry-film lubricants.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

Cleveland, OH
(216) 447-5000
Fax: (216) 447-5238
E-mail: coatings@lubrizol.com
Web site: www.lubrizolcoatings.com
Additives Offered: hyperdispersants, wax additives, pigment synergists, rheology modifiers

Solsperse X300 Reactive Dispersant

Designed for radiation-cured coatings and inks, Solsperse X300 reactive dispersant crosslinks into the structure of the coating system to improve pigment dispersion and stability in UV coatings. Solsperse X300 is a 100% active cross-linkable dispersant that is dissolved into the millbase oligomer/monomer before the addition of pigments. It helps to reduce solvent emissions, improve pigment wetting, enhance tinctorial properties and increase hardness.


Cincinnati, OH
(513) 793-7766
Fax: (513) 794-7721
E-mail: general@michem.com
Web site: www.michelman.com
Additives Offered: Adhesion promoters, anti-blocking agents, anti-marring agents, slip aids and waxes

Micro Powders, Inc.

Tarrytown, NY
(914) 793-4058
Fax: (914) 472-7098
E-mail: mpi@micropowders.com
Web site: www.micropowders.com
Additives Offered: anti-blocking agents, anti-marring agents, flatting agents, slip aids, waxes

Sartomer Company, Inc.

Exton, PA
(610) 363-4100
Fax: (610) 363-4140
E-mail: contact@sartomer.com
Web site: www.sartomer.com


CN9102 is a 100% reactive, allylic functional aliphatic oligomer that can be used as an additive for low temperature peroxide or photoinitiate free-radical cure coatings to overcome surface fade due to air inhibition. Tack-free dry times of 3-12 hours at ambient temperatures are attainable depending on the fomulation.

Troy Corporation

Florham Park, NJ
(973) 443-4200
Fax: (973) 443-0843
E-mail: marketing@troycorp.com
Web site: www.troycorp.com
Additives Offered: algicides, anti-blocking agents, anti-flooding agents, anti-foaming agents, anti-marring agents, antioxidants, anti-sagging agents, anti-settling agents, anti-skinning agents, bactericides, biocides, driers, flow control agents, fungicides, slip aids, surfactants, suspension agents, thickening agents

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