Bayer MaterialScience patents ethylenically unsaturated polyisocyanate addition compounds

October 6, 2011

Patent No. U.S. 7,759,447 B2
Bayer MaterialScience LLC has been granted a patent for polyisocyanate addition compounds, which are substantially free from isocyanate groups and are prepared from one or more polyisocyanate adducts containing uretdione, allophanate, carbodiimide and/or oxadiazinetrione groups and/or  NCO prepolymers, contain urethane groups, contain fluorine (calculated as F, AW 19) in an amount of 0.01% to 50% by weight, and contain ethylenically unsaturated groups (calculated as C═C, MW 24) in an amount of 2% to 40% by weight, wherein at least a portion of the ethylenically unsaturated groups are incorporated by reacting an isocyanate group with the reaction product of (meth)acrylic acid with ε-caprolactone and wherein the preceding percentages are based on the solids content of the polyisocyanate addition compounds and wherein fluorine is incorporated by reacting an isocyanate group with a compound containing two or more carbon atoms, one or more hydroxyl groups and one or more fluorine atoms to form urethane groups and optionally allophanate groups, provided that more than 50 mole percent of the groups that chemically incorporate fluorine into the polyisocyanate addition compounds are urethane groups.