Dow Airstone 77-T3 adhesive system introduced

September 9, 2011

Newest adhesive in Dow Airstone line helps create longer, lighter wind turbine blades.

The Dow Chemical Company has launched the Dow Airstone 77-T3 adhesive, an epoxy-based adhesive system used to bond half shells together to create finished wind blade structures. The company said Dow Airstone 77-T3 represents a natural evolution in the line of Dow Airstone 77 adhesives, which are used by fabricators to help meet wind energy industry requirements for stronger and lighter weight wind blades. Dow said Dow Airstone 77-T3 offers an optimized balance of 30 percent longer open time and 10 percent faster cure rate compared to previous adhesives, for increased fabrication productivity. The company said the new adhesive is also less thixotropic than traditional wind blade adhesives, which makes it easier to control during application and can reduce the need for follow-up rework to modify or reshape cured adhesive along bonded seams. Easier application can also lower defect and scrap rates, resulting in cost-savings, Dow said. Dow Airstone 77-T3 optimizes wind blade mechanical performance, providing 30 percent greater fracture toughness for increased blade durability.

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