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Tikkurila design floors provide individual style and color to any space

October 18, 2011

Tikkurila has developed new and innovative ways to use its existing products through the Tikkurila Design Floor Techniques, which it introduced recently at the Colour and Surface 11 trade fair. The new concept is designed to create more unique and colorful floors without compromising the floor’s wear resistance.

The Temafloor range of products are most commonly used in industrial facilities and logistics centers, where more emphasis is placed on the floor’s durability and other qualities, rather than its appearance. Betolux floor paints have been used in spaces where less wear resistance is required, such as basements and stairs.

Now, a new type of aesthetic can be applied everywhere including offices, coffee shops, shopping centers, reception rooms and homes. Aimed at sprucing up dull grey concrete spaces, Tikkurila’s floor products come in a practically unlimited range of colors, and may be used to produce various patterns and effects.

Four new techniques include:

Free-hand patterning
The technique allows the free use of patterns and colors. The most striking end-result is achieved with large, simple patterns. Color choices help create contrasts or more subtle designs.

Spatter patterning
Spraying the thinner creates a stone-like finish. Adjusting the size of the droplets affects the size of the pattern. A floor pattern created using paint thinner results in a subtle design, even on larger surfaces.

Patterns can be created resembling an oil color marbling effect by spreading multiple coatings of various colors with an adjustable spatula so that the colors partially mix. Different color combinations can be used to create striking or more subtle effects.

Applying a stain on the floor highlights its scrapes, cracks and porosity variations in a unique way, and creates an unevenly coloured surface.