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Lubrizol enhances global testing capabilities

November 10, 2011

Lubrizol Additives, a business segment of The Lubrizol Corporation, has made enhancements to its global research and testing capabilities. In the past three years, Lubrizol has invested more than $35 million to support R&D and testing activities, with another $50 million budgeted for the next three years. This is in addition to extensive capital investment in operations, which includes more than $200 million for a new plant in China.

Chemical synthesis and applied sciences laboratories at Lubrizol’s Wickliffe facility—site of the largest technical center and world headquarters of Lubrizol Additives and The Lubrizol Corporation—are undergoing extensive modernization. New laboratory spaces conform with industry best practices in order to deliver results faster and more efficiently, while encouraging collaboration and innovation.

Ultimately, up to 100 researchers and scientists will be based in these advanced facilities. Mechanical testing laboratories have also undergone significant upgrades to support customers’ product development and performance claims. Additional investments include multi-million dollar rigs to measure transmission efficiency, safety and environmental upgrades that include the use of highly energy-efficient electric motors and dynamometers, and updated fuel inventory and delivery systems.

Significant investments are underway at Lubrizol’s global technical center in Hazelwood, UK. These investments include recently completed major upgrades of chemical testing laboratories as well as ongoing improvements to the Hazelwood chemical synthesis facility. A new, previously announced Lubrizol Additives laboratory on the campus of Jilin University in Zhuhai, Guandong, China will offer advanced technical services for lubricant, fuel and industrial additive customers and OEMs throughout Asia. Capabilities will encompass a full menu of services including additive and lubricant blending, physical and chemical analyses, as well as performance testing. Construction on the new technical services laboratory at Jilin University is complete, and the lab is expected to be functional later this year.

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