Pigment Suppliers Directory

December 19, 2011

The following contains a directory of pigment suppliers and their products. For more information on the products listed in this guide contact the company directory.

BASF Corporation
Florham Park, NJ
Fax: 800-971-1123
E-mail: colorseffectscustomercare@basf.com
Web: www.basf.us/colorsolutions

Type of pigments: A complete portfolio of organic and inorganic pigments, dyes, preparations, dispersions and additives. Blacks (near-infrared reflective pigments, near-infrared transparent pigments, mica-based effect pigments, heat management pigments); Blues (phthalocyanine blue, cobalt aluminum oxides); Corrosion inhibiting (misc. additives); Extender pigments (misc. pigment extenders and reinforcers); Greens (chrome green, phthalocyanine green); Iron oxide pigments (transparent iron oxides); Metallic pigments (pearlescent, special effects); Reds (diketopyrrolo pyrolle [DPP], quinacridone pigments, pyrazolone red and maroon, pigment scarlet, perylene red and maroon, misc. red and maroon toners and lakes, BON red and maroon); Specialty pigments (high-performance pigments, light interference pigments, heat management pigments, low VOC pigments, misc. thickeners); Yellow and Oranges (orthonitraniline orange, dinitraniline orange, misc. yellow pigments); Whites (synthetic mica-based effect pigments).

• Firemist Velvet Pearl EH 921 effect pigments: Applied in architectural paints, Firemist Velvet Pearl EH 921 has the unique appearance of fresh snow. Distinctive effects used for coatings on accent walls, wallpaper, decorative concrete or wood.

Emerald Performance Materials
Hilton Davis
Cincinnati, OH
Fax: 513-841-3771
E-mail: colors@emeraldmaterials.com
Web: www.emeraldmaterials.com

Type of pigments: Blues (phthalo blue RS, NCNF); Greens (phthalo green, BS); Reds (brilliant red, 2R); Yellow and Oranges (permanent yellow x-48).

Hoover Color Corp.
Hiwassee, VA
Fax: 540-980-8781
E-mail: hoover@hoovercolor.com
Web: www.hoovercolor.com

Pigments Offered: Iron oxide pigments (umber natural iron oxides)

• Raw and Burnt Umber Natural Iron Oxides: Umbers are one of the most versatile natural iron oxides. Hoover Color offers 22 standard grades of umbers. Despite their dark appearance, they are close in crystal structure to yellow iron oxides. In their “raw” form, this yellow crystal structure gives raw umbers their pleasant greenish undertone. Often referred to as a neutral toner when used in combination with other pigments, raw umbers can be used to darken a color mix without significantly altering the chromaticity of the other pigments in the mix. Raw umber has limited heat stability, but this allows us to heat-treat the umber and convert it to a heat-stable red structure. The resulting “burnt” umber has a pleasing warm red undertone, along with improved heat stability. It is widely used as a basic brown in many applications. It can also be used as the cornerstone pigment in a base to produce a wide range of brown shades.

Kish Company, Inc.
Mentor, OH
Fax: 440-205-9975
E-mail: infor@kishcompany.com
Web: www.kishcompany.com

Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon black, iron oxide); Blues (ultra marine); Corrosion Inhibiting; Extender pigment; Greens (iron oxide); Metallic pigments (metallic effect); Reds (synthetic/natural iron oxides); Specialty pigments (aqueous, dispersion); Yellow and Oranges; Whites

• Ultramarine Blue

Lansco Colors
Pearl River, NY
Fax: 845-735-2787
E-mail: frank@pigments.com
Web: www.pigments.com

Pigments Offered: Blacks (carbon black, complex inorganic black); Blues (complex inorganic blue, pthalocyanine blue, ultramarine blue);  Greens chromium, phthalocyanine); Iron Oxide Pigments (black iron oxide, red/brown iron oxide natural and synthetic, yellow iron oxide); Metallic Pigments (aluminum pastes); Reds (BON red/maroon, lithol rubine, metalized azo red, naphthol red, perylene red, quiracridone red, quiracridone violet, red lake C rhodamine, sodium, lithol/calcium lithol, barium toner, toluidine red); Whites (titanium dioxide - rutile); Yellows and Oranges (chrome yellow, diarylide orange toner, diarylide yellow toner, hansa yellow, metalized azo yellow, molybdate orange, orthnitraniline orange, dinitraniline orange)

• 1060 Azo Red 60:1: Lansco 1060 is a bright scarlet, low cost pigment useful in powder coatings and plastics. This product is a good replacement for grades from other supplies that have been cancelled.

• 1179 Perylene Red 179: Lansco 1179 gives cleaner, yellow shades than other pigment red 179 products and is an improvement in this color space.

Lanxess Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA
E-mail: info@lanxess.com
Web: www.us.lanxess.com

Types of products: Blacks (iron oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine blue); Greens (chrome oxide green); Iron Oxide pigments (synthetic iron oxide); Reds (iron oxide) Yellow and Oranges (azo); Whites (iron oxide).

Orion Engineered Carbons LLC
Humble, TX
E-mail: pigmentblacks@orioncarbons.com
Web: www.orioncarbons.com

Pigments offered: Blacks (carbon black).

Rockwood Pigments
Beltsville, MD
Fax: 301-210-4967
E-mail: info.us@rpigments.com
Web: www.rpigments.com

Pigments offered: Blacks )black/gray, complex inorganic, carbon black, lamp black); Blues (complex inorganic, ultramarine); Extender pigments (barium sulphate); Greens (chromium, complex inorganic); Iron Oxide pigments (black, burnt umber, raw sienna, Yellow/Red/Brown natural and synthetic, burnt sienna, metallic brown, ochre, raw umber, van dyke brown); Yellow and Oranges (yellow/orange, complex inorganic).

The Shepherd Color Co.
Cincinnati, OH
Fax: 513-874-5061
E-mail: salesusa@shepherdcolor.com
Web: www.shepherdcolor.com

Types of pigments: Blacks (complex inorganic color pigments); Blues (complex inorganic color pigments); Greens (complex inorganic color pigments); Metallic pigments (silver coated glass flakes); Yellow and Oranges (complex inorganic color pigments).

• Orange 10C321: Orange 10C321 has a high solar reflectivity, so it is a powerful addition to its Arctic Infrared Reflecting Color Pigments. Orange 10C321 meets numerous regulations governing packaging, recycling and toys.

Sigmund Lindner GmbH
Warmensteinach, Germany
Fax: 0049-9277-99499
E-mail: erwin.pschierer@sigmund-lindner.com
Web: www.sili.eu

Types of pigments: Specialty pigments (glitter).

• SiLiglam Type P: Effect glitter with outstanding chemical resistance for both solvent-based and water-based formulations. SiLiglam Type P shows metallic shine and gives bright spot sparkling effects.

Types of products: SiLigam Type I
Effect glitter with outstanding chemical resistance for both solvent-based and water-based formulations. SiLiglam Type I gives iridescent spot sparkling effects.

Sincol USA
Upland, CA
Fax: 909-931-9465
E-mail: customerservice@sincolusa.com
Web: sincol.com.cn

Types of pigments: Blues (C.I. 15.1-15.4); Reds; Yellow and Oranges (azo and lightfast).

Sudarshan North America Inc.
Ridgewood, NJ
Fax: 201-882-8420
E-mail: usa@sudarshan.com
Web: www.sudarshan.com

Types of pigments:  Blues (PB 15:1, PB 15:3, PB 15:4); Greens (PG 7); Reds (PR 122, PR 170, PR 177, PR 264, PR 48.2, PR 112, PV 19); Specialty pigments (pearls); Yellow and Oranges (PY 65, PY 74, PY 110, PY 139, PY 151, PY 154, PO 34, PO 36, PO 64).

• Sudaperm Yellow 2935 (PY 139): A reddish yellow isoindoline pigment with high chroma, excellent rheology and opacity. Sudaperm yellow 2935 has high color strength and is ideal for exterior applications and high performance lead-free industrial coatings.

• Sudaperm Yellow 2903 (PY 151): Green shade yellow benzimidazolone pigment with excellent dispersibility, outstanding fastness to light and weathering. Ideal for industrial and powder coating applications.

Sun Chemical
Cincinnati, OH
Fax: 513-632-1537
E-mail: Richard.faubion@sunchemical.com
Web: www.sunchemical.com

Types of pigments: Blacks, Blues, Corrosion Inhibiting, Extender Pigments, Greens, Iron Oxide Pigments, Metallic Pigments, Reds, Specialty Pigments, Yellow and Oranges, Whites.

• Sunsperse ECO: Sunsperse ECO aqueous dispersions offer excellent light and weather fastness, broad compatibility with waterborne systems, outstanding stability to sedimentation and drying out, good wet-rub resistance and viscosity and narrow specifications.

• SunMetallics Polymer Encapsulated: An expansion of the SunMetallics product line, this heavy metal-free technology protects the aluminum flakes with an optically transparent, uniform silicate layer, offering long-term stability in waterborne coatings and excellent circulation stability.

Toyo Ink Mfg. America LLC
Teaneck, NJ
E-mail: sales@toyoink.com
Web: www.tima.toyaink.com

Types of pigments: Blues (phthalocyanines, indanthrone, carbizole violets); Greens (phthalocuanines); Reds (metalized azo reds); Specialty Pigments (dispersions, colorants); Yellow and Oranges (diarylide yellows).

• No. 700-10 FG Cyanine Blue: Special NCNC beta blue exhibiting superior dispersibility utilizing proprietary TOYO-additive technology.

• Lionol Blue 7265-PS: High-performance automotive-grade alpha blue with proprietary TOYO-additive technology to stabilize against flocculation and recrystallization.

Trust Chem USA LLC
East Greenwich, RI
Fax; 401-398-7321
E-mail: info@trustchemusa.com
Web: www.trustchemusa.com

• New Quinacridones: Violet 19, γ-type, yellow shade, mainly used in coating and tinting system.  Red 202, mainly recommended for automotive paint and plastic.

• Azo-condensation red: Red 144, Red 166 and Red 242 are launched in this range. Their performance are very close to famous brand in the market. Main fields of application are coating and plastic.

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