Matrix System Salt Eraser

January 10, 2012

Matrix System Automotive Finishes launched its award winning Salt Eraser to the specialty automotive market last year at AAPEX and now is offering the same product to solve many of winter’s salt problems.

The winter months bring out the rock salt, especially in areas that receive a large amount of snow. The combination of rock salt and calcium chloride leaves unwanted stains in clothes and vehicle carpets.

Salt Eraser is designed to remove salt stains from any fabric. After spraing on it penetrates the fiber deeply and breaks up and evaporates the salt within minutes of application said the company. Salt Eraser also eliminates salt from floor mats, upholstery, carpets, rugs and runners.

Matrix System says Salt Eraser is an ideal solution in the salt states located in New England, Middle Atlantic, Northwest, and Mid‐west areas of the United States.

“The advantage of Salt Eraser is its unique formulation has been designed specifically to remove salt stains from carpet and fabric and outperforms general interior and fabric cleaners,” said Jim Caporuscio, director of business development. “It also provides consumers in the snow belt states with a fast, simple, colorless and odorless cleaning solution to remove crusty winter salt to restore their vehicles interior, and retailers with stores in snow belt markets an excellent seasonal product to offer in their car care and general cleaning sales.”

Salt Eraser is currently available to consumers at ACO Hardware, Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Auto Value, Canadian Tire, Meijer, Mills Fleet Farm, O’Reilleys, Pep Boys, The Anderson’s and Travel Centers of America.

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