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Emerald Kalama Chemical to participate in energy cooperative project

February 15, 2012

Emerald Kalama Chemical BV, a division of Emerald Performance Materials, has signed 15-year agreements with both Rotterdam-based grid manager Stedin and energy supplier AVR. These agreements give a green light to begin construction of a steam grid in the Rotterdam Botlek, which encompasses the region around the harbor. Many companies operate in the Botlek because of its strategic access to Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe. Emerald Kalama Chemical is the first steam consumer to sign on to the steam grid.

“This project is aligned with the philosophy of our company and our commitment to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment,” said Brian Denison, vice president of operations for Emerald Kalama Chemical. “In less than a decade, investments in operations have reduced our key emissions by more than 65 percent and reduced our consumption of fossil fuel-based utilities at Rotterdam and Kalama, Wash., United States."

AVR will be the first to supply steam to the steam grid. The steam is produced in AVR's Energy from Waste facility in Rotterdam-Botlek. Given the biogenic content of the waste that is used to produce the steam, the output can be marked as 'green'.

The concept for the construction of a steam network has been in existence for many years. The new grid does not rely on generating steam from fossil fuels. As a result, it will reduce the CO2 footprint considerably, as well as improve air quality. The grid relies on distributing steam from one plant to other plants nearby, rather than the current practice of having each plant produce its own steam from fossil fuel.

Along with Stedin, the Port of Rotterdam and contractor Visser & Smit Hanab are co-sponsors of the steam grid’s development. The latter will build the grid on behalf of Stedin. The steam grid is supported and co-financed through a “Green Deal” with the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.