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Jotun opens its manufacturing facility for decorative paints, tinters and fillers at Sandefjord

March 21, 2012

Jotun's new paint production facility at Vindal in Sandefjord has officially opened.

The new 13,000 square meter factory will serve the Scandinavian market with as much as 80 million liters of paint per year. At a cost of about $86 million (NOK 500 million), the factory represents Jotun's largest investment to date.

The new factory replaces production at Jotun's existing facility in Sandefjord, and will manufacture all of Jotun's decorative paints, tinters and fillers for Scandinavia. Moreover, all production of coatings for industry and shipping will be moved to the company's facility in Flixborough, England.

Employing approximately 240 people, the new facility will enable important improvements and efficiency gains for Jotun in Norway, including:

• A projected reduction of 80 percent in CO2 emissions from internal transportation;
• New production which enables a reduction in use of solvents and use of less hazardous chemicals;
• Waste reduction due to the application of new technology;
• Cleaning and recycling of waste instead of disposal; and
• Projections show a reduction in energy consumption of 50 percent

"The Vindal facility is among the world's most modern paint factories, and we are very proud to have this built in our historical home city of Sandefjord," said Morten Fon, Jotun's president and CEO, at the opening ceremony. "The new facility will modernize Jotun's production structure in Scandinavia and demonstrates our strong and long-term commitment to the local community, the region and the market."

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