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BYK introduces CarboBYK 9810 CNT dispersion; BYK 1710 defoamer

April 19, 2012

BYK has launched its first CNT dispersion. Carbon nanotubes provide unique features such as high electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as good mechanical properties. CarboBYK 9810 is an easy-to-pour, homogenous liquid that facilitates correct dosing, prevents dusting, and allows for post-addition. Incorporating carbon nanotubes into coatings, printing inks, plastics or adhesives enhances electrical and thermal conductivity, antistatic behaviour, mechanical properties, and shielding from electromagnetic waves. The additive is only recommended for waterborne systems. CarboBYK 9810 is recommended for use in architectural and industrial coatings, and is also suitable for use in adhesives, automotive coatings, plastics industry, printing inks and wood coatings. BYK has also introduced defoamer BYK 1710 for emulsion paints, PU and EP coatings. BYK 1710 is a zero emission polymer defoamer free of silicones and mineral oils. The additive is suitable in sensitive systems such as alkyd emulsions, PUDs as well as 2-pack epoxy and PUR systems. BYK 1710 is VOC-free and fulfills all common directives, and it is applicable in many areas such as architectural, automotive, protective, wood and furniture coatings, adhesives, ambient curing resins, coil coatings, and printing inks.

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