Media and Milling Equipment Directory

June 5, 2012

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select media and milling equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directory.

Buhler Inc. North America
Mahwah, NJ  USA
Fax: 201-847-0606
Product name: Bulher Cenomic Bead Mill
Attributes/comments:  The Cenomic bead mill concept assures reduced specific grinding costs due to higher flow capability without compression of grinding beads, due to the counter flow conveying EcoMizer discs and the deflector cage, around the SuperScreen. Because of the consequent use of wear resistant proprietary materials, a reduced clearance between the outer diameter of the discs and the mill cylinder can be achieved. This leads to an increased grinding efficiency and a long service life. The required feed pressure is reduced significantly because of the particularly large-surfaced SuperScreen. In comparison to other full-volume agitated bead mills, considerably smaller grinding beads can be utilized with the highest degree of reliability during operation.
Conn and Company, LLC
Warren, PA USA
Fax: 814-723-8502
Product name: Polyethylene Conn Blade
Attributes/comments: The Conn Blade is now available in UHMW Polyethylene. It provides excellent performance and longevity in highly abrasive and/or highly corrosive mixes. It is the most efficient and aggressive poly blade available.
Exakt Technologies, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK USA
Fax: 405-848-7701
Product name: Exakt Technologies “E” Series Three Roll Mills
Attributes/comments: Exakt Technologies, Inc. offers a selection of electronically controlled Three Roll Mills ideal for R&D, pilot plant projects and production runs. The E Seriesmills combine two modes of operation, a self-calibrating feature, and come with a digital display for the operator’s panel showing the operating parameters during use. The programming feature insures repeatability when processing even the most viscous of products. These mills have new safety features including “cleaning mode” and other ANSI requirements.  E Series mills are available with chrome-plated hardened steel, solid aluminum oxide, solid zirconium oxide or solid silicon carbide rollers.
Norstone Inc.
Bridgeport, PA USA
Fax: 610-275-2414
Product name: SEFA-BAX
Attributes/comments: SEFA-BAX is a new bauxite based grinding media that has been used in the mining industry for the past several years. The density is 3.8, the same as zirconia silica, but the wear properties are far greater. The wear is even better than ZTA, zirconia toughened alumina, but the cost is less. It is gentle on the equipment and the best value in a medium density ceramic grinding media.
Charles Ross and Son Company
Hauppauge, NY USA
Product name: Ross X-Series Ultra High Shear
Attributes/comments: The Ross X-Series produces narrow particle size distributions in a single pass, delivering greater size reduction and throughput compared to colloid mills. Certain products prepared on expensive high pressure homogenizers and difficult-to-clean media mills are produced in the X-Series with comparable results. Applications include specialty coatings, paint and inks, polymer suspensions and nanodispersions.
Show is the newest “X-5” model consisting of precisely-machined stator and matching rotor turning at over 11,000 ft/min. Process fluid enters the center of the generator and subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear as it accelerates outward through channels in the intermeshing rotor/stator teeth.
Schold Machine Corp.
Chicago, IL USA
Fax: 708-458-3866
Product name: UV Ink Base, 100 Liter Series II MCDIA Mill
Attributes/comments: The Schold UV Ink Base Mill has been released in its Series II configuration. Its internal configuration is a departure from the heavy duty, high output mills presently being sold globally supplied by Schold. With Schold’s decades of experience in high output milling, the UV low temperature milling process is done economically and simply with the photoinitiator insitu. It is manufactured and serviced in the Schold facility in Chicago, IL.
Sunin Machine Co., Ltd.
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Fax: 886-2-22402596
Product name: Dispersion Mixer
Attributes comments: The Dispersion mixer is a machine suitable for work in narrow spaces in laboratories, with a handy and practical design. The double-purpose mixing cup can be cooled and heated through a pipe connector according to different formulas. The innovative working structure can realize both mixing and dispersion, and reduce material loss and environmental pollution during the transfer by the peripheral pump. It carries out infinitive frequency control according to the requirement to realize the best effect. This unit can be used in bulk production. The elevation of mixer can be divided into 3 types; oil pressure-driven type, manually operated type. It is widely applied to the fluid materials, providing mixing, dissolving and dispersion. It features easy cleaning and maintenance. It can either be connected to the mill machine in series directly or work independently.

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