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General Motors continues plant changeover to BASF’s environmentally friendly CathoGuard 800

June 21, 2012

The automotive coatings group of BASF announced that General Motors has transitioned to BASF’s CathoGuard 800 cathodic e-coat at several of its automotive plants throughout the world including Russia, China, Brazil, and North America.

CathoGuard 800 is BASF´s latest e-coat technology for automotive OEM companies. During the e-coat process, a car body moves through an e-coat bath, where paint particles are deposited on the steel panels with the aid of an electric current. This coating layer protects the car from corrosion.

BASF says the CathoGuard 800 technology not only guarantees ideal protection for the metal, but is also especially sustainable, which is a key factor to automakers. The technology contains less than one percent solvents and is tin-free. Additionally, the product’s throw power provides a high level of e-coat coverage and corrosion protection for the hard-to-reach cavities in the vehicle.

GM initiated the changeover to CathoGuard 800 in 2009. SGM Yantai III in China is the most recent GM plant to implement the changeover in 2012. This makes a total of 11 plants at which GM car bodies will be taking an environmentally friendlier bath.

BASF and General Motors are connected by a long-standing partnership. BASF recently received the 2011 GM Global Supplier of the Year Award, the eighth time it had been awarded the distinction in the past 10 years. BASF was recognized for its outstanding performance as a global paint supplier to General Motors.

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