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IRl Releases a Profile of the Mexican Paint Industry

October 16, 2012

IRL has released the first edition of "A Profile of the Mexican Paint Industry." In the past, IRL had only released paint market data for Mexico as part of its regional study "A Profile of the Central American and Caribbean Paint Industries."

According to the report, Mexico's paints and coatings sector was valued at some $2,100 million in 2011. The elections taking place in July 2012 momentarily slowed down the pace of growth in the economy and had a negative effect on consumer confidence. Prior to that the sector was enjoying a period of rapid expansion with Mexico's GDP growth rate outperforming that of Brazil in 2011 and poised to surpass it once again in 2012.

"A Profile of the Mexican Paint Industry: has allowed IRL to expand on its country market coverage enabling us to provide a more in-depth insight into Mexico's paint and coatings market status.

The study examines nine mainstream coatings segments independently. It includes market data for 2011 and five year market forecasts to 2016 for each of these, with further anticipated figures for 2012. Market dynamics and trends for each coating type are provided with an indication of market splits by technology and/or chemistry where possible.

Research for this title included a comprehensive program of desk research and an extensive number of interviews with senior industry executives across all of the examined sectors. Interviews were conducted by a native Spanish speaker between July and September 2012.

This report will serve as a valuable tool to strategic planners, business analysts and marketing managers involved in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of paints and coatings and their raw materials. To browse full TOC, tables and figures go to:

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