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Imerys Launches ImExtend14CCL Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate for Powder Coatings

February 7, 2013

Imerys Minerals has launched ImExtend 14CCL, a new ultra-fine calcium carbonate developed for the powder coatings market. ImExtend 14CCL is an addition to the ImExtend brand family. This new product has been developed for formulators and manufacturers of powder coatings for household appliances. It enables potential savings of titanium dioxide (TiO2) with no negative effect on other properties such flow rate and hardness, according to the company.

A study conducted by the Powder Coating Research Group (PCR), demonstrated that ImExtend 14CCL has shown good results as a titanium dioxide extender. The research found that a substitution of up to 20 percent in the volume of TiO2 with ImExtend 14CCL was possible without loss of opacity and it had minimal impact on other performances.

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