Raw Materials & Equipment

Union Process Builds SD-50 Attritor

January 29, 2013

Union Process, Inc. has manufactured a dry grinding SD-50 Attritor for a customer in the advanced ceramics industry. The SD-50 dry grinding Attritor was designed with a special two-piece cover with brush seal for dust control. The Attritor was fabricated with custom cover connections, which allow the mill to easily interface with the customer's dry material conveying system. The SD-50 Attritor features a 304 SS grinding tank which is jacketed for cooling to aid in temperature control during the dry milling process. The mill is powered by an explosion-proof 50 HP high-starting torque motor. The system includes a dual meter station that displays RPM and amperage all mounted on the Attritor in a NEMA 7/9 enclosure.The Attritor is also mounted on a custom designed frame riser, which allows the processed material to be discharged into containers for final packaging.