2013 European Coatings Show Exhibitor Showcase

March 1, 2013

The European Coatings Show will be held in Nürnberg, Germany from March 19-21. Here is a preview of what select companies have planned for the three-day event at the NürnbergMesse.

Aakash Chemicals
Hall 4, Stand 4-431
Aakash Chemicals is a hybrid manufacturer of color solutions. Headquartered near Chicago, IL, Aakash Chemicals is a manufacturer and distributor of pigments, dyes, additives, resins, and pigment dispersions for various color applications including coatings, inks, plastics, and textiles. With sales, manufacturing, and operations facilities in Brazil, USA, India, and China, Aakash Chemicals is a global supplier and can ship its high performance products anywhere in the world. Currently Aakash has 20 different inventory locations across 4 continents and strategically available to serve more than 35 different countries.

By being a vertically integrated manufacturer, Aakash Chemicals is able to have full control over the entire supply chain, from initial chemical reaction to final finished raw material. Aakash Chemicals has invested in state of the art technical centers for inks, plastics, and coatings dedicated to our customers end applications, which help support new innovation and global partnerships. We are focused on maintaining flexible solutions over a variety of products so as to be the complete color solution for our respected customers and partners. Aakash Chemicals was recognized as a fastest growing private company in America in 2011 and 2012 and continues to invest into new technologies and resources to guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Recently Aakash Chemicals has established a new division concentrating on fine chemicals to cater towards high purity applications, which require highly technical expertise and technology.

ACT Test Panels
Hall 5, Booth 137
ACT is recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of standardized test panels.  We offer the widest variety of substrates with coating options, including zinc and iron phosphates, thin film pretreatments, electrocoats, liquid paints and powder paints. ACT also operates an ISO17025 accredited material test laboratory, which specializes in paint performance and coating system evaluations. Our ability to apply a wide variety of coatings has uniquely positioned us to provide compatibility testing, material qualification and approval services. Whether you require simple spray out panels or custom fabricated panels, ACT has your test panel and testing service needs covered.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients
Hall 4A, Booth 422

Ashland offers a unique range of market-leading innovative products for the coatings industry, featuring rheology modifiers, defoamers and biocides. At the 2013 European Coatings Show, Ashland will present its unique range of products and services to the worldwide coatings industry. For more than 50 years, formulators have relied on Natrosol hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) thickeners to deliver cost-effective, robust thickening, creamy in-can consistency and user-preferred application properties to both interior and exterior paints. At ECS 2013, Ashland is introducing ground-breaking innovation to the marketplace with its new Natrosol Performax HEC that delivers unprecedented process flexibility and quality control to paint manufacturers.

Brilliant Group, Inc.
Hall 7, Booth 209
Brilliant offers a world-class range of high-quality daylight fluorescent pigments and ink concentrates for the graphic arts, paints and coatings and plastics markets. Founded by individuals with a high level of experience in, and extensive knowledge of, the fluorescent color business, Brilliant’s aim is to offer “best of breed” fluorescent technology, provide readily available local inventory and technical support, while all the while bringing exceptional value.

Brookfield Engineering
Hall 5, Booth 152

For more than 65 years, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has been the world’s leading manufacturer of viscometers and rheometers for laboratory and on-line process control applications. The reputation of the Brookfield viscometer is built on more than just a superior scientific principle. When you use a Brookfield, you are joining thousands of people who have made it a world standard of viscosity measurement. There are more Brookfield viscometers used in industries worldwide than any other viscometer.

Bühler AG/Nanotechnology
Hall 7A, Booth 222
Bühler Nanotechnology presents Oxylink – the additive for better waterborne coatings. Oxylink increases and accelerates cross linking of 1-component waterborne resin formulations. Depending on the application it provides better blocking resistance, improved solvent and humidity resistance, better dirt pick up and efflorescence resistance. By shortening drying time and improving early resistance properties, Oxylink enables faster finishing and increased productivity. The effect of Oxylink on elastomeric waterborne acrylic formulas is presented in a paper at the co-located European Coatings Conference.

Burgess Pigments
Hall 7, Booth 245

Burgess Pigment Company is a leading provider of functional anhydrous and hydrous aluminum silicates specifically designed to contribute key properties to your final product. Servicing specialty coating, plastics, rubber and cementitious markets for more than 60 years, Burgess Pigment Company understands customer performance requirements, and delivers specialized kaolins that provide function and value to formulators.

BYK-Chemie GmbH
Hall 4A, Booth 614

With its trade fair motto “The Essential Element,” BYK Additives & Instruments is focusing specifically on the theme of water in Hall 4A, Booth 614, at the European Coatings SHOW (ECS) from March 19 to 21. Aqueous coating systems today are among the most modern and best alternatives when it comes to environmental and human health protection. In most cases, they achieve the same performance as solvent-borne systems, are just as easy to process, and are particularly economical. Up until now, more than 40% of the additives of BYK Additives & Instruments have already been developed for aqueous liquid coatings and printing inks.

Booth# 7A-105
Celanese Emulsions will feature their broad range of VAE, pure acrylic, vinyl acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions for use in adhesives and architectural interior and exterior paints. Celanese is a global leader in emulsions for low emission, low odor interior paints. Look for Celanese at ECS 7A-105 to discuss your next project or www.celanese-emulsions.com.

Clariant International Ltd.
Hall 7, Stand 7-123

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will bring its brand values Performance.People.Planet to life at the European Coatings Show 2013, presenting sustainable and innovative value-creating solutions for the global paints and coatings industry. At Booth 7-123, Clariant will showcase new product and support solutions together with trusted innovations focused on meeting the specific needs and expectations of its customers in the market segments automotive, industrial, decorative and wood coatings. A major spotlight will be on “Sustainability” and “Ease of Use” of products.

Croda Coatings & Polymers
Hall 4, Booth 464

Croda will introduce new technologies, such as Zephrym ColorFX novel amine functional dispersant for high performance pigments in solvent borne formulations providing richer, deeper and truer colors (Congress presentation Monday, March 18); Priplast 100% bio-based polyester polyols for high performance polyurethanes and polyurethane dispersions in coatings and adhesives (Congress presentation Tuesday, March 19); B-Tough C2x epoxy functional toughening agent protecting epoxy coatings against tough conditions (Product presentation Tuesday March 19); and Multiwet multifunctional wetting agents for aqueous formulations without having to use silicones or fluorosurfactants (Product presentation Wednesday, March 20). Croda Coatings & Polymers will be located at Hall 4-464; follow us on Twitter @CrodaCP.

Emerald Performance Materials
Booth #1-246

Featuring low and 0-VOC performance additives and resins: KALAMA® K-FLEX® phthalate-free low VOC plasticizers and coalescents, Non-SVHC, REACH-registered, biodegradable; Lucida Colors™ UV Dispersions- low odor, high pigment solids and color strength; Verdis™ Dispersions 0-VOC/Formadehyde-free/APE-free dispersions; CVC Specialty Epoxy Resins & Reactive Liquid Polymers(RLPs); and Low & 0-VOC FOAM BLAST® Defoamers.

Evonik Industries AG
Hall 7A, Booth 323

Evonik Industries, based in Germany, is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Evonik is known worldwide for creative and innovative solutions in the development of products for paint and coating components such as additives, crosslinkers, resin components and resins. Ranked among the leaders in the adhesives and sealants industry, Evonik provides solutions for the highest requirements in formulation.

Heubach GmbH
Hall 7A, Booth 223

Heubach is a world leading, independent and globally active pigment manufacturer, with a 200-year history of expertise in pigment production combined with ongoing innovations, which has enabled the outstanding growth of the Heubach group. We connect manufacturing with global access for high performance pigments and downstream processing into preparations for coatings. Back integration into organic pigments and inorganic pigments allows for more economic and quality orientated manufacture of pigment preparations.

Hoffmann Mineral GmbH
Hall 4, Booth 614

Hoffmann Mineral is one of the most innovative suppliers of fillers in the market. Its affiliate, SONAX, is also a market leader in the car care sector. Hoffmann Mineral owes its gratitude for these successes not only to the Hoffmann family, but also to the many employees who work so hard for the company every day and are committed to maintaining the quality of Neuburg Siliceous Earth.

Lonza Microbial Control
Hall 4, Booth 251

The Materials Protection business of Lonza Microbial Control provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that bring your products up to today’s sustainability standards, while providing the protection you’ve come to rely upon. Our portfolio includes: Preservation – Comprehensive product suite to meet a wide range of application needs; Dry-film Protection – Low-leaching protection against molds and algae; Marine Antifouling – Control of algae and other soft-fouling organisms; and Plant Hygiene: Non-chemical control systems and audit services. Visit us at the 2013 European Coatings Show (Hall 4, Stand 251) and learn how we can become a responsible part of your environmentally preferred solution.

Hall 7, Booth 523

Michelman will be featuring a variety of new and enhanced surface modifiers in booth 7-523 at the European Coatings Show 2013.  One of the new products being introduced will be Michem Wood Coating 75, a proprietary anionic formulation that provides excellent water resistance in topical wood coatings.  The new low-VOC formulation prevents the swelling of wood in the presence of water, and produces outstanding water bead. Michelman serves its multinational and regional customers with production facilities in the U.S., Europe and Singapore, and a worldwide network of highly trained field technical support personnel.

Micro Powders, Inc.
Hall 7, Booth 144

Since 1971, Micro Powders, Inc. (MPI) has been supplying high performance wax additives to printing ink, paint and industrial coating manufacturers worldwide. Micro Powders specializes in developing innovative micronized wax technologies to meet the formulator’s needs, and our extensive product range brings the right solution to a vast array of applications. In addition to innovative chemistry, the particle size of our micronized waxes is carefully controlled using laser diffraction analysis in order to ensure consistent particle size uniformity from batch to batch. Our newest unique “stir-in” wax additive includes AquaMatte 31, which provides consistent matting, stability, scrubbability and burnish resistance in waterborne coatings.

Hall 1, Booth 446

Munzing Chemie combines long-standing quality reputation with modern technology and innovation. Munzing Chemie globally serves the following core industries with its additives: paints, coatings, printing inks, adhesives and construction chemicals;, metalworking and industrial fluids; and paper production and waste water treatment. The product range of the Paper & Coatings Additives includes a broad variety of additives, including emulsifiers, film modifiers, release agents and hydrophobing agents, designed primarily for use in water-based formulations.

Omnova Solutions
Hall 7A, Booth 122

OMNOVA Solutions is an innovator of emulsion polymers in dry powder and latex forms, specialty chemicals and also decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses.  The combined OMNOVA/ELIOKEM business has representative offices throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas and a network of more than 80 distributors and agents located globally.

Hall 1, Booth 346

Purac introduces new applications of its biobased building blocks at the European Coatings Show. Different types of polyester resins were synthesized and tested in various coating architectural and industrial coating formulations. The results show that the incorporation of PURALACT in alkyd (short, medium and long oil) and polyester resins reduces the resin viscosity and improves carbon footprint. It also improves other properties such as stiffness, balance of hardness and flexibility, drying time, gloss and gloss retention. Purac’s PURALACT is a commercially available (co-)monomer that improves coating performance and increases the sustainability of the entire value chain.

Sartomer Europe
Hall 4A, Booth 424

Sartomer Europe, a division of Arkema, is a worldwide leader in acrylates and methacrylate
resins, additives and specialty polymers, which are specially designed for technologies such as UV/EB curing, peroxide and sulfur curing as well as isocyanate/polyol systems. Every aspect of Sartomer’s operations are uniquely structured to accommodate the special needs of each individual customer.

Shepherd Color
Hall 7, Booth 215

The Shepherd Color Company is one of the world’s leading producers of high-performance Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICPs.) We have a wide range of colors used in the coatings industry with unbeatable weatherability, heat and chemical resistance, are non-warping and easy to disperse. Our new NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange Pigments will be on display at ECS.

Shamrock Technologies
Hall 1, Booth 235

For more than 60 years, Shamrock Technologies has been the innovator and pioneer in the development of additives, including micronized PTFE and wax-based products. Known for producing an extensive line of problem solvers, our additives include powders, compounds and dispersions that enhance inks and coatings by controlling slip, rub/abrasion resistance, texture, water pick-up and bleed. Through the use of dedicated technology, custom production equipment, application and R&D laboratories, our industry experienced associates work efficiently to make Shamrock a trusted partner to the ink and coatings formulator.

Hall 1, Booth 318

Solvay Novecare is the preferred source of sustainable additives for waterborne coatings formulations. The company is a global supplier of surfactants, and specialty monomers for enabling emulsion polymerization, and defoamers, dispersants, wetting agents and other functional additives for paint and coating formulating. Solvay features one of the broadest product lines available in the industry. Solvay Novecare serves the emulsion polymerization, architectural coatings, industrial coatings, ink and adhesives markets. With its global presence, the company offers customers customized, sustainable and functional innovations, cost-effective performance, global technical support and a commitment to R&D, with an ongoing investment in people and resources.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments
Hall 4, Booth 451

Visitors attending the European Coatings Show 2013 will be introduced to a broad range of high performance, metallic and special effect pigments and dispersions from Sun Chemical Performance Pigments that can meet sustainability needs, maintain high color strength and give added durability in a variety of harsh conditions in the automotive, industrial, waterborne and architectural coatings markets. Sun Chemical’s booth, located in hall 4, stand 451, will showcase a family of metallic pigments for waterborne coatings, leadership in quinacridone pigment technology and a full-range of environmentally focused dispersions and preparations.

Hall 7A, Booth 7A-331

Taminco offers two cost-effective, multifunctional amine additives for the coatings industry. With Vantex-T, Taminco has developed technology that enables environmentally friendly zero-VOC formulations. And with Advantex, formulators can replace ammonia, increase performance and still save money - as much as $10 per gallon. Vantex-T is a pioneering amine additive that is changing the world of paints and coatings. Vantex-T is a remarkable amine additive that enables environmentally friendly, low-odor, zero-VOC formulations.

Troy Corporation
Hall 7a, Booth 125

Troy Corporation develops and manufactures performance materials for industry. These materials are used and available in more than 100 countries to produce high performing, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products. Troy’s special areas of expertise include prevention of microbial degradation in products and processes and specialty materials to improve performance of the customer’s products and their manufacturing. Some of the functions enhanced by Troy products include protection against microbial degradation or defacement; mold and mildew control; wood protection; flow and leveling; defoaming; dispersion of pigments and fillers; rheology; and surface wetting.

Trust Chem USA
Hall 7, Booth 625

Trust Chem Co., Ltd is a large independent privately owned company integrated by production, R&D and sales. We currently have four manufacturing sites covering azo, phthalo, quinacridone, benzimidazolone and disazo condensation, as well as other series of chemical products, for the coatings, plastic, ink and textile industries. Trust Chem also owns branches in the USA, The Netherlands and Australia. As the leading producer and exporter of colorant field, Trust Chem has the largest, best well-equipped Central Laboratory in China. We are making full REACH registration for large numbers of Chinese-made organic pigments, far more than any other supplier in China.