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DuPont Performance Coatings Launches New IntelliMist

February 5, 2013

For refinish shops in high heat, low humidity desert-like conditions, the IntelliMist spray booth climate control system from DuPont improves shop productivity by making it easier to use all waterborne and solvent paint products, and greatly improving painters’ comfort. IntelliMist is available to U.S. DuPont Performance coatings shops.

IntelliMist is a process improvement tool. Because it automatically controls a spray booth during the spray cycle at the optimum level for humidity, it provides an extremely productive spray booth climate. It can also be used after the bake cycle to rapidly cool down the booth and the panels.  Vehicles are much more “workable” due to lower part and body temperatures.

Optimizing spray booth climate means that all waterborne and solventborne products can be used more efficiently and consistently. It can minimize the need for specific additives and adjustments and painters don’t have to constantly adjust paint mixtures to deal with conditions, according to the company. Painters will no longer have to struggle to keep a “wet edge”.

Painter comfort is also greatly enhanced. With a controlled spray booth climate, painters can work normal shifts – no more starting at midnight and stopping by noon in high heat, low humidity conditions.  Installation is normally completed in less than a day and there are no structural issues adding it to an existing booth.

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