CorShield VpCI Transit Coating – Superior, Environmentally Safe Replacement for Hazardous Corrosion Preventives

March 5, 2013

CorShield VpCI Transit Coating is an environmentally friendly, water-reducible concentrate designed as a complete replacement for hazardous oil-based corrosion preventives. This economical and excellent performance coating is safe to apply and easy to remove if necessary.

CorShield VpCI Transit Coating forms emulsion in water and is applied to metal surfaces by spraying or dipping. The wide dilution range with water allows flexibility to customize the length of protection required vs. applied cost. Unique vapor phase action protects uncoated and difficult-to-reach areas.

The protective coating is also translucent and in ambient conditions becomes dry-to-touch 30 minutes from application. It forms a clear and dry film, which gives an attractive appearance to protected parts.

CorShield VpCI Transit Coating can be easily removed with VpCI-414 or other conventional alkaline cleaners.

The product is designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in sheltered areas, indoors, or in packaging with no direct exposure to rain or outdoor elements. It is also an excellent temporary coating for painted surfaces.

CorShield VpCI Transit Coating is heat stable, displaces water from metal surfaces, eliminates cleaning and housekeeping problems associated with oil, and provides superior protection and complete replacement for rust-inhibiting oils.