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    Marine Coatings / Asia Pacific Report

    This month’s issue of Coatings World takes a look at two related topics – Marine Coatings and the Asia Pacific Coatings Market. Marine Coatings Market The market for marine coatings is largely driven by the Asia Pacific region due i…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 08.10.16

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    All Eyes on Asia Pacific

    Many of our readers will be attending the Asia Pacific Coatings Show September 3-5 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Professionals involved with the paint and coatings industry will tell you this region is one of the most important growth areas for our industry…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 08.07.14

  • Automotive Coatings | Marine Coatings

    Top Companies Continue Recovery

    Coming off an improved 2010 when most coatings companies began to experience recovery, 2011 continued the trend toward regaining financial ground from the economic downturn across most markets and regions. While most of the paint companies profiled i…
    Tim Wright, Editor 07.24.12

  • Architectural Coatings | Marine Coatings

    More Than Paint

    On the menu for this month’s feature stories are three vastly different segments of the coatings industry: Marine coatings, color design in the interior deco segment and the small but growing field of solar coatings. Marine paints cover a broa…

  • Marine Coatings | Pigments | Powder Coatings | Price Increases

    Volatile pricing continues

    Each week I am bombarded with news about the latest round of price increases from raw material suppliers, which in turn force paint makers to raise the prices on their end products. It is a viscous cycle and one that is not going away anytime soon as…
    Tim Wright 04.05.11

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    A look at marine and green coatings

    In this issue of Coatings World we explore the marine coatings market and the latest developments in the market for low- and zero-VOC decorative coatings. Growth in the marine coatings market can be attributed to a surge in new building in the As…
    Tim Wright 05.07.09

  • Architectural Coatings | Marine Coatings

    PPG is on the acquisition hunt

    The trend toward consolidation in the paint and coatings industry has been occurring steadily over the past several decades as the number of mergers and acquisitions has increased. Thirty years ago there were approximately 2,000 paint and coatings co…
    Tim Wright 07.26.07

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    The Environmental Issue

    These days the environment is dominating our social, political and cultural landscape. Global warming and sustainability are the current topics of debate making headlines on a daily basis. While these are well-worn ideas in the scientific community,…
    Tim Wright 05.14.07