HMG Paints Expands Sanitizer Production

By Coatings World staff | 06.09.20

HMG Paints Ltd expanded its production capabilities on its 70+ alcohol-containing hand sanitizer. 
The expansion comes just in time to support businesses across the UK re-opening and implementing measures in line with government guidelines. 
HMG has been providing key workers, care providers and charities throughout the pandemic with hand sanitizer, based on World Health Organization (WHO) recommended formulations after a national shortage was announced. 
Dr. Kershaw's Hospice was one of the companies to received sanitizer. 
“In these unprecedented times, our patients' and staff's safety is paramount, the donation has contributed to our nurses being able to take all relevant precautions when providing necessary care within the community," said Rebecca Bentham, head of Income Development at Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice
HMG was issued a permit from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) allowing the supply and manufacture of sanitizer because of the SARS-CoV-2/coronavirus pandemic.  
As the UK enters a new phase with workplaces beginning to reopen, implementing health and safety measures in accordance with government guidelines, HMG has expanded production to supply local organizations in Manchester and across the UK. 
Authorized by the HSE the First Thing Sanitiser, which contains more than 70 percent alcohol, can be purchased in boxes of 250ml bottles, ideal for use by individual employees as well as 5 liter refills.
“Many of our current customers have placed regular supply orders with us for hand sanitizer as they begin to return to work and implement ways to protect their employees, " said John Falder, managing director. “The First Thing Sanitiser being approved by the HSE has meant we have increased our production capabilities on the sanitizer line and therefore welcome companies to get in touch with us. By manufacturing right here in Britain, we can guarantee our customers a fast and continuous supply which will allow them to utilize First Thing Sanitiser in their Working Safely policies during this current time."