• Pigments Update

    Pigments Update

    Global Market Insights predicts the pigments market will reach $20 billion by 2025.
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 01.20.20

  • Interior Coatings Market

    Interior Coatings Market

    A healthy economy, robust housing market and a growing middle class in emerging regions are driving the market for interior coatings.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 01.20.20

  • Powder  Coatings  Market

    Powder Coatings Market

    Powder coatings provide a more durable finish than liquid paints can offer.
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 12.11.19

  • MEDIA & MILLING Directory

    Here is a look at the latest offerings from select media and milling manufacturers.

  • Exterior Architectural Coatings Market

    Exterior Architectural Coatings Market

    Sustainability, performance and protection are key factors driving the market for exterior coatings.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 11.11.19

  • Focus on Surfactants

    Coatings World interviewed key surfactant manufacturers who spoke about the trends and issues effecting the paint and coatings market. Included in this Q&A are Ingrid Meier, head of applied research and technology (decorating coatings and in…

  • CHINACOAT 2019 Reaches New Heights

    CHINACOAT 2019 Reaches New Heights

    Organizers report more than 97,000 square meters of gross exhibition space – a 25 percent increase from 2018
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 09.30.19

  • Automotive Refinish Market

    Automotive Refinish Market

    The rise in use of self-driving and electric vehicles is having a major impact on the auto refinish market.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 09.30.19

  • High Performance Pigments Market

    CW: How did the high performance pigments market fare in 2018? Clariant: The market for high performance pigments (HPP) developed better than that for traditional pigments, and the demand for high performance pigments continues to increase as…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 08.09.19

  • Asia Pacific Coatings Market

    Asia Pacific Coatings Market

    Asia Pacific is the world’s largest coatings market and has been growing at above-market rates for many years now and thus it can be considered the most important coatings market in the world.  Asia Pacific comprises a vast region of the w…
    Douglas Bohn, Orr & Boss Consulting Incorporated 08.09.19

  • The Marine Coatings  Market

    The Marine Coatings Market

    Growth expected despite increasing regulations and raw material supply issues.
    Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor 08.09.19

  • Top Companies Report

    Top Companies Report

    Coatings World is proud to bring the industry our annual Top Companies Report

  • Coatings Industry Joins Forces to Secure Mica Supply Chain and Eradicate Child Labor

    Coatings Industry Joins Forces to Secure Mica Supply Chain and Eradicate Child Labor

    Coatings manufacturers and pigments suppliers have combined resources with other members of the mica supply chain and NGOs focused on child labor to create the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI), a global initiative with a singular purpose: to establi…
    Fanny Fremont, Executive Director, Responsible Mica Initiative 07.03.19

  • A Fraught Path through the Summer for Epoxy Resins

    It was a tumultuous first half of the year for the global epoxy resins industry.  Global economic headwinds and the U.S./China trade war weighed down on consumer sentiment and this created a pervasive negative outlook for the epoxy resins and it…
    Jennifer Hawkins, Contributing Writer 07.03.19

  • The Industrial Coatings Market

    The Industrial Coatings Market

    Growth in the industrial coatings market has been steady. China leads the way, but North American and Western Europe also present opportunities.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 05.31.19

  • Metallic Pigments Directory

    Here is a look at the latest offerings from select metallic pigments suppliers.

  • Profile on CCR Specialty Chemicals

    Profile on CCR Specialty Chemicals

    This newly formed company offers a diverse range of specialty chemicals and foam coatings.
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 05.31.19

  • Performance Enhancing Additives

    This month Coatings World interviewed a number of key suppliers of performance-enhancing additives. These include: Shiona Stewart, industry marketing manager, Transporation, Industrial, Furniture and Floor Coatings, BASF and Mary Ellen Gustainis, bus…
    Kerry Pianoforte, Editor 05.31.19

  • Lab & Testing Equipment Directory

    Lab & Testing Equipment Directory

    Here is a look at the latest offerings from select lab and testing equipment suppliers.

  • Biocides Directory

    Here is a look at the latest offerings from select biocide suppliers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.