Brilliant Group Exhibits Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Colorants at ACS


Brilliant Group is located at Booth 2882.

Brilliant Group is displaying its fluorescent pigment technology at American Coatings Show.

“Our customers appreciate that we are a single source for a wide variety of fluorescent and phosphorescent colorants to suit a number of applications,” said Darren Bianchi, founder and CEO of Brilliant Group, Inc. “So we will be sharing examples and information about our pigments tailored for water-based and solvent-based coatings systems, including aerosol, industrial, craft paints, powder coatings, screen inks and more.”

Bianchi noted that he was eager to meet with customers and colleagues face to face once again. “First and foremost, we are excited to meet in person with our customers and friends in the industry.  We are long overdue, expect a strong turnout, and look forward to many fond greetings.”

“Despite the fact that we are two years into a state of disruption brought about by the pandemic, there are no clear signs that the situation will improve in the near term. With our customers facing so many issues, we know that product availability is on everyone’s mind. Brilliant has always had a focus on having goods available when our customers need them. We have doubled down on this approach during the pandemic and the resulting period of supply chain disruption. Our customers have bigger issues to deal with in finding alternates to other products in short supply. Our goal is to have them not worry about getting their fluorescents on time. In the end, we’re looking forward to greeting our visitors and seeing how we can help them thrive in a challenging environment.”