The New Heubach Group at ACS 2022: Setting Today’s Standard in Pigments


For the first time, meet the newly combined Heubach Group - a global pigments leader with a focus on new application technologies and sustainability.

The new Heubach Group, a leading provider of comprehensive color solutions with a highly complementary portfolio of products, technologies, manufacturing sites, customer service capabilities and supply chains is at the American Coatings Show for the first time.

A leader in quality and new application technology, the new Heubach Group brings together two of the industry’s leading color innovators - Heubach and Clariant’s Global Colorants Business (“Business Unit Pigments) - creating an enhanced pigments player that will diversify Heubach’s and Clariant’s existing positions and that delivers next generation organic, inorganic, and anti-corrosive pigments, pigment dispersions, dyes and specialty materials.

Zach Hays, head of marketing Americas and global segment manager coatings for Heubach, noted that this is the first coatings show for the combined company.

“This is our first joint show,” Hays said. “We are showing our Heucotint W range of waterborne dispersions and our Hostatint SI solventborne range for industrial applications. We are bringing the two brands together into one platform.”

Christine Gehres, director of business development for Heubach, reported that the merger is moving ahead smoothly.

“It is really exciting to see the companies coming together,” Gehres said. “Three months in, and now we have a joint presence here at the American Coatings Show.” 

Sustainability is the DNA of the company, pioneering the development of sustainable color technologies, including anti-corrosive pigments, as well as bio-based materials and the substitution of questionable materials to improve environmental characteristics and spearhead regulatory compliance.

With the focus on best-in-class, sustainable color technology, the new Heubach is launching several new, exciting products at ACS 2022.

Wood, which has been described as ‘the new concrete’ is becoming more mainstream, used for everything from new building structures and façade cladding to green space fencing and interior decoration. For natural oil-based wood finishes Heubach’s newest product range, Hostatint SA, features naturally derived, easy to handle dispersions for tinting wood stains and oils. With low viscosity, advanced sedimentation behavior, high tinting strength and consistent quality the range is designed to meet today’s global regulations and doesn’t require special labeling, making it a perfect replacement for dyes.

Also being showcased are Hostatint SI and Hostatint AU. The diversity of industrial coating bases used today adds complexity to tinting. Hostatint SI is a high-performance range of solvent-borne pigment dispersions, for industrial, OEM, maintenance and wood coatings, engineered to eliminate costly and time-consuming reformulation across base types, while ensuring the highest pigment quality and batch consistency.

Hostatint AU is a low VOC and APEO free range of universal pigment dispersions suitable for the coloration of the most demanding water-based and solvent-based architectural coatings. The dispersions are designed to provide excellent compatibility in a sustainable platform, expanding the color choice for exterior and interior architectural coatings.

“We have the broadest range of chemistries in the industry,” Gehres noted. “Having local manufacturing capabilities helps us work with our customers; however, our customers are aware of the supply chain challenges that everyone is facing.”

In a further demonstration of Heubach’s portfolio of advanced, sustainable offerings, the HEUCOFLASH line of products are VOC free, waterborne, flash rust inhibitors, suitable for all ferrous and galvanized steel substrates and are compatible with typical waterborne resins like acrylic or epoxy systems. HEUCOTINT W is a waterborne, VOC- and APEO-free POS colorant system specifically developed for applications where traditional solvent-borne alkyd systems are no longer commercially or environmentally viable.

For a touch of fun, discover Heubach’s pioneering virtual Car Color Configurator, launched with the Automotive Styling Shades 2025 Trendbook. Unveiled to put a spotlight on the latest color trends for the rapidly changing automotive industry it focuses on 28 trend colors from brilliant shades to metallic effects and new formulations for autonomous vehicle detection. Create your own car color designs with Heubach’s new Virtual Showroom!

And, expand your color curiosity to Decorative Color Trends for 2022 with Heubach’s ‘golden’ color palette, featuring 40 new shades for application trends including color drenching, blocking and cocooning.