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Grace Showcased Sustainable Product Offerings at CHINACOAT


High performance specialty chemical company, Grace Materials Technology exhibited at CHINACOAT2017.

High performance specialty chemical company, Grace Materials Technology exhibited at CHINACOAT2017.

“The theme of our booth is sustainability and environment,” said James Bowler, global marketing manager Coatings, Engineered Materials at Grace. “We are focusing on  a couple of key segments. Anti corrosion with our SHIELDEX product line, which is used as a replacement for chrome, SYLOID RAD Series with Grace’s newest addition SYLOID RAD 3007, which is a highly effective matting agent for rad-cured coatings. SYLOWHITE SM405 a TiO2 extender to help customers offset their demand for TiO2 and SYLOID WATERBORNE Series with  products like SYLOID 7000 which is highly effective matting agent with superior film clarity.  Early next year Grace is looking to introduce a next generation product targeting the waterborne wood market.”

Grace SHIELDEX anti-corrosive pigments are non-toxic, heavy metal free, micronized particles of controlled particle size distribution. SHIELDEX pigments are based on ion-exchanged synthetic amorphous silica and were developed as a replacement for toxic anti-corrosive pigments like red lead, zinc chromate or strontium chromate. 

SYLOID RAD 3007 matting agent achieves the look of natural wood with better visual grain, feel and durability as a result of organically treated, micronized silica gels, specifically developed as high-performance matting agents for radiation-cured coatings.

SYLOWHITE™ SM 405 Titanium Dioxide Extender has a high level of purity, which results in minimum effects on color and enhances brightness properties. Its controlled particle size distribution and pore structure result in an extremely cost effective titanium dioxide extender.

SYLOID® 7000 matting agent.  This unique matting agent lets the finish “reveal the beauty under the surface“ as it offers benefits to both solvent-based and waterborne coatings.

Bowler said “China is a major market for Grace, the company has had strong growth globally in the coatings segment and expects this to continue. Grace continues to invest in the future, with a robust pipeline of products being developed for (and with) our customers.”

“For us China is an emerging market with great potential,” said Jeffrey Bao, regional marketing and sales operations, Asia Pacific, Grace. “Grace was the first foreign invested company to do business in China.  China is important to Grace, and Chinacoat is a way for Grace to showcase its products.  We had a lot of customers come to our booth this year and are looking forward to next year conference being even better.”