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Shamrock Technologies Highlights Portfolio of Specialty Micronized Powders, Dispersions & Emulsions


Shamrock Technologies experts will be exhibiting at Hall 2.1, Zone 7, Booth 1B67-68.

Shamrock is showcasing a wide selection of specialty powders and dispersions for applications in industrial, architectural, plastic, can/coil, UV-curable and powder coatings. This global company provides additives for improving surface slip, mar and abrasion resistance, matting, texturing, and water repellency challenges, locally.

For water-based systems: Neptune 5223 N4 is an oxidized polyethylene wax. Neptune 5223 N4 is easily dispersible in water-based systems with minimal foam generation.

For powder coatings: PowderTEX 61 is an off-white free flowing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder that has been treated with a higher surface area inert spacer to facilitate ease of handling.

For UV-cure systems: S-394 MG is a fine particle size, polyethylene wax powder. S-394 MG provides excellent rub/abrasion resistance to liquid inks, paste inks and thin-film coatings. It has a high onset of melting, which leads to insolubility and, in inks, excellent imprintability and freedom from overprint varnish "crawling."

New products:
  • XC-3185 is a cost-effective polyethylene wax designed for solvent-based use.
  • PowderTEX 11 is an enhanced composition providing highly activated polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with a particle size of one to three microns when dispersed or extruded.