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Interview with Chris Brown of Ashland


China represents important growth region for Ashland.

Interview with Chris Brown, VP Coatings, Ashland

1.     How has Ashland performed in the APAC/China market in Y2018?

This area was our highest growth region, speaking specifically on our coatings business. It’s important to have a strong presence in this region…it is still significantly higher than some of the more established Western economies.

2.     How does Ashland’s growth strategy differ in the AP/China market from other regions such as U.S. and Europe?

From a global perspective, I don’t know if our growth strategy is markedly different. But, I do know that we need to invest in the market, not just in the present, but for future growth. Chine is taking environmental issues more seriously than in years past. We are developing technologies for these regulations and need to be conscious of this.”

3.     What is Ashland researching and developing area related with sustainability, performance, environmental compliance recently?

Sustainability is an important issue. Developing green chemistry is an important objective overall. We are focusing on developing low and zero VOC product solutions. Our main facility is a state-of-the-art Western manufacturing facility located in China and designed for minimal environmental impact. It is critically important that we keep up with these trends as the China becomes more focused on sustainability, it’s great for us because we are already there. We are focusing on low and zero VOC as the trend is to move away from solvents. We are trying to position ourselves as a solutions provider as people in the region are wanting to make these changes.

4.     What trends do you see for the China coatings industry?

The trends are for more environmental friendly, green products and an overall concern of the environmental impact. There is a move toward higher quality paint and coatings. These are the two biggest trends we see.

5.     What has your experience of the CHINACOAT show been?

CHINACOAT has been very good. It’s the biggest show in this part of the world. We have customers not just from China, but from all over the region. It is an opportunity to connect with them all in one place. It also gives us a chance to see what our co-suppliers and even are competitors are doing.