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Synthron Promoting Water-based Systems at CHINACOAT


Synthron is located at Hall 2.1, Zone 7, Booth 2.1G14-17.

Synthron, a subsidiary of PROTEX International Group, is an international producer of specialty chemicals for various industries such as coating, ink, textile, paper and leather .  It has 30 subsidiaries around the world and has a turnover of more than €10 million. Synthron produces additives for solvent-based, water-based and powder coatings – the main products include leveling, wetting-dispersing agents and defoamers. Syntrhom is also one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic leveling agents.

"We are concentrating on promoting water-based systems," said John Huang, general manager, Synthrom. "There have been new developments in the China makret in the last three to five years. The use of water-based technoliges has developed very fast for the China market."