Active Minerals Highlights Acti-Gel 208 at CHINACOAT


Acti-Gel 208 improves high solids coatings.

Active Minerals is highlighting it Acti-Gel 208 specialty mineral additive at CHINACOAT. Acti-Gel 208 is a highly purified magnesium aluminosilicate that suspends and homogeneously disperses other particles in liquid systems creating a very stable mixture. The added stability also reduces synerisis and pigment float, while enabling higher loadings of solids without increasing viscosity.

Acti-Gel 208 imparts thixotropic properties that enhance pumping, spraying and flow and leveling. Acti-Gel 208's extremely fast rate of viscosity recovery reduces misting and over-spray. It also increases adhesion and cohesion, which improves vertical hold and sag reduction. Thicker layers can be applied more quickly and easily if desired. Acti-Gel 208 can help create a more homogeneous thin film, which can help reduce the application cost of chemical and catalyst coatings.