Live From CHINACOAT: Exhibitor Opinions


Exhibitors sound off about this year's show.

Coatings World interviewed a number of exhibitors  on the last day of CHINACOAT to get their reaction to this year’s show in Shanghai. Included below is  Jeff Carr, director, commercial development & marketing at Active Minerals; Ursula Golling, marketing manager, Hoffmann Mineral; Helmut Keim, president of keim-additec surface; Joon Choo, VP of Shamrock Technologies; Zhi Li, president of Trust Chem.

Coatings World: What were your thoughts on this year’s show?

Carr: We were excited to exhibit at CHINACOAT this year and had a steady flow of visitors to our exhibit. Our business continues to grow in Asia, especially China, where we offer some unique cost-performance values in coatings and CHINACOAT has been a great way to help us connect more with the coatings market, worldwide. Last year in Guangzhou we made a number of good connections outside of Asia that created new business for us and we saw some of those same people at the European Coatings Show and again here in Shanghai. Likewise, I was able to renew my industry connections with many co-suppliers, distributors and even meet some new prospects. Traffic this year was much less than we experienced last year in Guangzhou, but the interest levels and application potentials were much greater. Many came prepared to discuss their specific needs and we were pleased by how much they already knew about our company and products.

Golling: Great show! Congratulations to the organizer who attracts more and more visitors and exhibitors every year. We are exhibitors since 2007 and it is like a quantum leap what happens since then. The visitors are more open-minded, the stands are quite attractive and of interest-looking design and the exhibitors are more motivated. I was very pleased with the number of talks at our booth and with the performance of our Chinese distributor and his staff. Maybe the number of foreign visitors was less than two years ago.

Keim: CHINACOAT 2019 was again a very valuable exhibition for our group. Over the past 20 years, we have participated with our distributor HJ Unkel. We attract both existing as well as new customers for our total range of wax and non-wax-based coatings additives. Besides a lot of very technical discussions with domestic Chinese customers, also the opportunity was given to meet with customers and distributors from surrounding Asian countries and further business partners.

Choo: Shamrock hosted a fairly decent sized crowd at CHINACOAT this year, especially during the first 2 days. We are impressed with the number of overseas visitors, and the interest in higher-performing additives that are conforming with increased global regulatory requirements.

Li: The number of visitors to our stand reached a new high. And due to the improvement of environmental awareness, many Chinese customers came to inquire about environmental friendly pigments. However, due to the decline of the world's overall economy, we feel the number of foreign visitors to the exhibition decreased. The exhibition is mainly attended by guests from Southeast Asia and China. But on the whole, we have achieved the expected results.

Coatings World: Do you plan on exhibiting next year in Guangzhou?

Carr: Without a doubt, we will exhibit in Guangzhou next year.

Golling: I'm afraid, no. For two years we are now concentrating on the CHINACOAT in Shanghai because we are also exhibiting at the ChinaPlas. We decided Shanghai as the place to be. To support two shows per year in China cannot be shouldered by a mid-size company like us.

Keim: Absolutely yes.

Choo: Yes, and we look forward to another year meeting up with both customers and prospects.

Li: CHINACOAT 2020 in Guangzhou is still in consideration; we will definitely participate in the CHINACOAT 2021.