Advansix Offers EZ-Blox Anti-Skinning Agent for Alkyd Paints to Stay Ahead of Regulatory Change


EZ-Blox from AdvanSix is an anti-skinning agent designed for breakthrough performance in alkyd-based paints. It optimizes the performance of alkyd-based paint systems by preventing a surface skin from forming in the can when the product comes in to contact with atmospheric oxygen, improving paint performance, shelf life, and reducing waste.
EZ-Blox also offers a safe, cost-effective and proven alternative to MEKO and other oxime products.

Benefits of EZ-Blox include:
• Safe to use: Low worker exposure, favorable toxicology profile, and no cancer- causing potential in the liver, all confirmed by REACh-required studies;
• Cost-effective: Easy switchover because it is a drop-in solution with no costly reformulation or research, and it confers dosage flexibility similar to MEKO, resulting in lower operational cost;
• Proven performance: Customer-approved and market validated, underscoring consistent high quality and compatibility.

EZ-Blox is shown to result in 100x lower worker exposure than MEKO, allowing it to be comfortably below the German Occupational Exposure Limit. It is already used widely across Europe, making it a proven solution to address concerns arising from the recategorization and potential restriction of MEKO use in Europe.
AdvanSix is committed to delivering environmentally preferable, safer solutions in a cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.