Xtrutech Exhibited at the European Coatings Show


Xtrutech are still leading the world in extruder design and innovation.

In 2009, UK company, Xtrutech was the first extruder manufacture to exhibit the twin-screw side feeder for powder coatings, in 2019, ten years on they now introduce the upgraded XTS twin screw side feeder with assisted cleaning, mounted on a high powered XTS35 twin screw extruder with a 24L/D clamshell barrel. At the end of a production run, simply start the assisted cleaning system which incorporates a multi-directional air purge and a vacuum to remove the residual pre-mix.

The XTS extruder with its automatic purging system takes care of the barrel and screws while the feeder takes care of its self, leaving the operator time to organize the next batch. The XTS Side Feeder with automatic assisted cleaning, really is an easy clean set up with even lower cleaning times, according to the company.

No need for a metering feeder, simply discharge your pre-mix direct into the high-powered twin-screw side feeder. The XTS control system will take over when in Auto start-up mode and the industry 4.0 ready control package allows you to access all the data you could wish for or you can collect data via the Xtrutech data trending in the HMI.

Xtrutech is celebrating 18 years in the extruder industry in 2020 with some of its staff having over 40 years experience in processing and designing innovative twin screw extruders with high free volume, high screw speed and high power for the powder coatings industry. And we’re still ahead of our competitors by continuing to introduce new innovating designs to improve production time and reduce down times.