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Rhode Island AG To Retry Lead Case Next Year

By Jason Lawton | June 19, 2003

A Rhode Island superior court in Providence has ruled the that state can retry its case against the so-called "lead paint" industry on April 5, 2004.

The case has beeninherited by Rhode Island's new Attorney General Patrick Lynch. His predecessor, Sheldon Whitehouse, the man behind the initial lawsuit, left his post in January after an unsuccessful run for governor.

Named as defendants in the suit to be tried April 5 are the Lead Industries Association, American Cyanamid Co., Atlantic Richfield Co., E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Co., the O'Brien Corp., Cytec Industries, NL Industries Inc., Millennium Inorganic Chemicals and Sherwin-Williams Co.

"We are disappointed that Rhode Island has chosen to continue to pursue the matter. The result of the first trial clearly showed that the state's case is without merit," said Andy Doyle, NPCA president. "This type of litigation is a waste of valuable resources and does nothing to contribute to a solution to the problem."