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Carboline Acquires Canadian Intumescent Coatings Maker

By Jason Lawton | June 6, 2005

Carboline, part of RPM, has acquired AD Fire Protection Systems, a maker of fireproofing products.

Based in Toronto, AD Fire has annual sales of approximately $18 million (Canadian). A leader in specialty architectural fireproofing materials, its products range from water-based intumescent fireproofing for exposed architectural steel, light and heavy weight cementitious fireproofing for concealed structural steel and fire-stopping materials for wall and floor penetrations. AD Fire's FIREFILM II intumescent coating is a leading fireproofing product in North America.

"With the acquisition of AD Fire Protection Systems, Carboline will improve its competitive advantage in the commercial fireproofing market to complement its position in the heavy duty, industrial fireproofing segment," said Richard M. Wilson, president of Carboline. "The combined product offering represents the best solution to all segments of the fireproofing market, consistent with Carboline's long-term product development strategy."

Wilson said AD Fire will also strengthen the company's position with specialty coatings and fireproofing applicators.