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Contract worth $12 million for Jotun

By Tim Wright | April 5, 2006

During the next two years, Jotun Coatings will supply paint systems to Kashagan in the Caspian sea, the world's largest offshore oil field. Jotun's involvement in the project covers supply vessels, offshore barges, tank ships, pipe trenches and industrial buildings.

The first contract, worth $1.5–2 million is with Aker Kværner, a Norwegian supplier of engineering and construction services, which will design and build one of the platform decks. Jotun Coatings in Norway will supply all the coatings for this project.

"The project covers on a third of the actual field and there will be further expansion in the future. As a result, it was important for Jotun to be involved from the beginning as this makes it easier to win future contracts," said Egill W. Hansen, sales manager at Jotun Coatings in Norway.

At the same time, Jotun Italy secured a contract through Bonatti, one of the major contractors in Italy and Jotun Boya in Turkey will supply all the coatings for the construction of the North Caspian Consortium’s onshore facilities in Kashagan. That contract is worth $10 million.