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Industrial Nanotech announces "Intelligent Coating" R&D initiative

By Tim Wright | May 24, 2006

Industrial Nanotech, a company that specializes in nanotechnology innovation and product development, has established a new division that will focus on developing "Intelligent Coating" technologies. The products developed by this new division will be sold under the product name "Nansulate IQ."

Industrial Nanotech, through its relationship with the U.S. Centers for Integrated Nanotechnology (CINT) and their work for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, will build on CINT's research to develop an intelligent coating with industrial applications. CEO, Stuart Burchill, will lead the research team which also includes Princeton Polymer Laboratories and one other undisclosed research team. Intelligent coating technologies have previously been the subject of governmental research and used for military applications including sensing packages that detect damage such as corrosion and substrate integrity and environmental conditions.

"Intelligent coatings represent the future of the coatings industry," said Burchill. "Industrial Nanotech plans to emerge at the forefront of this new and disruptive technology which has the ability to potentially generate a substantial revenue stream for the company. Our current Nansulate line of protective coatings represents the first revolutionary improvement in coatings in decades and our Nansulate IQ line will provide an even higher level of effectiveness and become the future of coatings. Almost every object that is painted including houses, bridges, cars, trucks, tractors, manufacturing equipment and pipelines can eventually benefit from this advanced technology."

Intelligent coatings are coatings that "self report" and "self repair." One example would be a coating that is able to repair itself upon being scratched, removed or damaged in any way, and then change color at that area to report that it has been damaged and repaired. Industrial Nanotech believes that Nansulate IQ coatings could add significant value in several industrial settings, particularly pipelines where hundreds of miles of substrate have to be inspected regularly for any indication of metal failure. An intelligent coating could sense peculiar changes in surface tension or surface temperature which would indicate potential metal fatigue or failure and it could change bright red at that section, substantially expediting the inspection process.