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Nissan launches self-repairing paint

By Tim Wright | May 24, 2006

Japanese carmaker Nissan has introduce what it has claimed to be the world's first clear paint which repairs scratches on painted car surfaces, including the scuffs caused by car-washing machines and driving off-road.

The X-Trail sports utility model has been chosen as the first car in the range to utilize the coating, which contains a highly elastic resin. This stops the scratches from affecting the inner layers of a car's paintwork.

According to Nissan, the new surface is five times more scratch-resistant than conventional clear paints, which are generally applied on top of the base, color to increase the luster and shine of painted car bodywork.

The new paint restores the surface within the space of a day or a week, depending on the kind of abrasive damage caused.

Along with the bodywork, the bumpers and wing mirrors of the Nissan X-Trail will be treated with the new material.