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Akzo Nobel expanding coatings production in the Pontiac, MI

By Tim Wright | June 7, 2006

Akzo Nobel is set to expand its automotive plastic coatings operations in North America with a production expansion. Akzo Nobel Automotive Plastics Coatings broke ground on the 11,000 square foot production expansion project that will incorporate state-of-the art plastic coatings equipment and process on May 22.

This expansion will include elements to improve overall operational efficiencies and throughput. An automotive coatings Automatic Dosing Unit (ADU) blending site will reduce batch making times, while at the same time improving the consistency and quality of the products. A new waterborne production footprint will support the growing interior waterborne coatings segment and position the production capabilities to support future waterborne exterior topcoat activities.  

“This progressive investment demonstrates Akzo Nobel’s commitment to aggressively grow its North American automotive plastic coatings business," said Conrad Keijzer, general manager sub-business unit Automotive Plastic Coatings. "It further marks a logical step to accomplish our vision to provide our customers the best paint performance at the lowest cost per painted unit.” 

The expansion will be further supported by the addition of a centralized quality control (QC) laboratory to better integrate the production and QC processes to increase throughput.

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