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Ciba Specialty Chemicals launches new paint and coatings website

By Tim Wright | June 22, 2006

Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Coating Effects Segment has launched a new, interactive paint and coatings industry website. The new site is designed to allow users easy, rapid access to tailor-made solutions via a selection of different, user-oriented entry routes, such as products, technologies, effects and industries.

“The new paint and coatings industry website opens the door to Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ know-how, products and services for paints and coatings,” said Siegfried Winkelbeiner, global head of Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ coatings business line. “It provides tools that enable users to choose the relevant system, define their requirements and find the right solution.”

Catering to the needs of a variety of users, including coating manufacturers, technicians and students, the website is easy to use and allows them to benefit from Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ technical expertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides comprehensive information from theory to application, and shows how to link components of Ciba’s product offer, such as surface treatment, stabilization, coloration and coating or paint production. The Ciba EFKA line of dispersants, defoamers and surface modifiers is fully integrated.

Users can see at a glance what is new and easily access the information they require. Instructive graphic elements ensure high visual clarity. Details are given of how to contact a local expert if more information and support are required. The website provides links to Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ online ordering and order-tracking functions as well as to documents such as test methods, technical data sheets, product specifications and certificates of analysis. Further interactive tools are currently being developed. The website is located at