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BASF Coatings and Termo Teknik expand partnership

By Tim Wright | May 17, 2007

BASF Coatings and Termo Teknik expand partnership

BASF Coatings and the Turkish company Termo Teknik, one of Europe's largest radiator manufacturers, have expanded their sales relation. The new agreement designates BASF Coatings SPA (Italy) as the supplier of white waterborne e-coat for the Termo Teknik plant in Corlu, Turkey. At this plant, four million steel radiators, 500,000 heated towel racks, and 50,000 wall-mounted hot water heaters are produced every year. In addition, BASF Coatings is now also the powder coatings supplier for Termo Teknik in Turkey.

One of the reasons for expanding the partnership was product optimization. For nearly a year, employees at the BASF Coatings powder coatings lab worked intensively to optimize Termo Teknik's product.

"By experimenting with various raw materials, we came up with a new formula. The goal was to increase quality without losing sight of the price level," said Natale Colombo, technical manager of the powder coatings lab in Verbania.

According to the company, thanks to a new powder coatings formula, Termo Teknik can cut the material consumption by 20%, since less paint needs to be applied, with a highly improved performance.

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