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MetroPaint recycled latex certified earth-friendly

By Tim Wright | August 21, 2007

MetroPaint recycled latex certified earth-friendly

MetroPaint, the Northwest's only 100% recycled latex paint, has received the first-ever recycled paint certification from Green Seal, an independent environmental standards certifying organization. Green Seal approval means that MetroPaint 100% Recycled latex has undergone extensive environmental and performance testing.

In addition, MetroPaint received certification from the Master Painters Institute (MPI), the leading paint performance certification organization in North America. MPI standards for recycled paint are the same as for new paint. However, MPI requires recycled paint to be sampled and tested numerous times to ensure the high standards are met.

To achieve the Green Seal certification, MetroPaint 100% Recycled latex had to meet stringent environmental standards, including that it contain at least 95% post-consumer content, be filtered to 300 microns or finer, that no harmful ingredients be added, that every batch be tested under strict quality control measures, and that the empty paint cans be recycled.

In order to earn the Master Painters Institute certification, MetroPaint had to meet the same stringent performance standards that new or "virgin" paint meets. Some of those standards include adhesion, hiding power, ease of application, water resistance, weathering and resistance to biological microorganisms like mold and mildew. MetroPaint met or exceeded all of MPI's standards for both interior and exterior paint.