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BASF Coatings introduces waterborne basecoats in Romania

By Tim Wright | October 16, 2008

BASF Coatings introduces waterborne basecoats in Romania

BASF Coatings has introduced waterborne basecoats in Romania. BASF Coatings’ waterborne basecoat technology is used to coat carmaker Dacia’s Logan and  new Sandero models, which are produced at the Dacia plant in Pitesti, around 150 kilometers from Bucharest. All of the colors come from BASF’s Color Design Studio Europe. Each day, 1,400 vehicles are coated at the Dacia plant. Plans call for 400,000 new vehicles to leave the plant each year starting in 2010.
Romania is a significant growth market in Europe and an important hub in the BASF network, which ensures that the customers receive the support they need. After all, BASF Coatings’ products and services have been valued by carmakers and suppliers for years. BASF Coatings has made a name for itself with the introduction of new products in Romania. In addition to the waterborne basecoat system, these new products primarily include new colors for Dacia. However, BASF also contributed its expertise during the construction of the new production line.

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