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Alcro-Beckers acquires Flagship Store for the Alcro brand in Stockholm

By Tim Wright | December 10, 2008

Alcro-Beckers acquires Flagship Store for the Alcro brand in Stockholm

Following its strategy of maintaining its position in the Swedish market, Alcro-Beckers AB, part of the Finnish Tikkurila that is responsible for Kemira’s paints and coatings business, has signed an agreement to acquire a 100% stake of the shares in the paint store Färgglädje Måleributiken AB (Måleributiken) in Alvik, Stockholm from its owner Lars Andersson. Måleributiken's revenue totaled approximately €5.8 million in 2007. The store currently employs approximately 20 people.

Alcro-Beckers owns approximately a 40% share of the decorative paints market in Sweden. Måleributiken is the company's first wholly-owned store for serving consumers. Alcro-Beckers currently has nine stores of its own for serving professionals only and it is also a part owner of the retail chain Beckers Nya Hem, an umbrella organization for approximately 110 independent retailers. Alcro is the main paint supplier to Colorama, the largest chain of paint retailers in the country with approximately 205 stores.

”Acquiring one of Sweden's best performing paint stores is for us a great opportunity," said Niklas Frisk, managing director for Alcro-Beckers AB. "Måleributiken has a successful concept of combining paint, wallpaper, textiles and accessories. The store is well-known in Stockholm for its high-quality products, skilled personnel and innovative concepts for home decoration.

“Måleributiken will be the future Flagship Store for the Alcro brand and the store will also allow us to experiment with various consumer concepts, perform campaign and product tests and learn more about web-shopping,” Frisk continued.