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Goodrich selects U.S. Air Force for F-35 landing gear advanced coatings

By Tim Wright | January 19, 2009

Goodrich selects U.S. Air Force for F-35 landing gear advanced coatings

Goodrich Corporation has selected the U.S. Air Force's Ogden Air Logistics Center (OO-ALC) at Hill Air Force Base, UT, to provide specialty coatings on landing gear for the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. The OO-ALC will apply high velocity oxygenated fuel (HVOF) thermal spray coating on Goodrich landing gear components produced for the F-35. This agreement runs through May 2009 and covers requirements for five landing gear shipsets of the F-35.

HVOF coating technology is increasingly being used in aerospace applications such as landing gear because it provides an alternative to hard chrome plating. Goodrich, along with the F-35 integrated product team, worked closely with OO-ALC on technical, quality and program elements to bring the depot's HVOF process online in a production environment.

"In today's market, commercial and military platforms compete for limited capacity on critical process technologies. By working with the Air Force, Goodrich is able to provide our customer a high quality, environmentally-friendly product at a price and production rate that is competitive with the commercial marketplace," said Mike Brand, president, Goodrich Landing Gear. "In addition, we have a unique opportunity to engage our customer early in the F-35 program's life cycle. They can gain experience with the landing gear design and technology well in advance of traditional depot maintenance and overhaul activities as the product is fielded."

OO-ALC is the U.S. Air Force's landing gear center of excellence. Goodrich and OO-ALC have had a partnership agreement since 2001. Other work under the partnership agreement includes the repair and overhaul of landing gear for the C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft.

Goodrich provides landing gear for all variants of the F-35 Lightning II - CTOL (conventional takeoff and landing), CV (carrier variant) and STOVL (short takeoff/vertical landing). Other Goodrich content on the F-35 includes the air data system, weapons bay door systems, engine and fuel quantity sensors, actuation systems and unique STOVL engine and airframe components. Goodrich content on the F-35 is expected to be valued at more than $3 million per aircraft. Production takes place at company facilities in Australia, Canada, the UK and the U.S.