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NPCA/FSCT to fully merge

By Tim Wright | January 19, 2009

NPCA/FSCT to fully merge

The National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA) and the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology (FSCT) have announced their intent to complete a full merger of the two organizations by March 31, 2009. After that time, the NPCA/FSCT will become one fully integrated coatings industry association providing goods and services for science and technology professionals, as well as corporate members.

Since June 2008, NPCA and FSCT have been operating as two separate but aligned organizations. However, the current economic conditions, and a substantial decrease in both short- and long-term FSCT revenues, forced the two organizations to pursue a full organizational merger. The goal of the merger is to create a stronger, more cohesive organization allowing NPCA/FSCT to provide the advocacy and public policy programs NPCA is traditionally known for, while preserving and eventually enhancing the technical programs currently provided by FSCT.

FSCT programs and services will be continued by the new NPCA/FSCT and will include, among others, the following:

NPCA’s eCoatings and FSCT’s Coatings Edge
The NPCA and FSCT e-newsletters have been combined into a new e-newsletter entitled Coatings Today, which will provide members with information on all aspects of the association’s services, as well as breaking news within the industry. This will be distributed semi-monthly beginning Jan. 2009.

NPCA’s Coatings Newsletter/FSCT’s JCT CoatingsTech Journal
The NPCA newsletter will be discontinued. The information normally highlighted in Coatings will be featured in Coatings Today and CoatingsTech throughout 2009, and will be distributed to members of both organizations. In 2010, a new industry publication will be created, which will represent the voice of the newly combined NPCA/FSCT association. This new publication will feature association, industry, regulatory, and legislative information, and will serve as an important source of information on technology in practice.

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (JCTR) and Other Important Technical Publications
NPCA/FSCT will continue to develop and support the publication of important technical work for the industry, continuing the tradition of such publications as the JCTR, Infrared Spectroscopy Atlas, the Service Life Prediction proceedings, and Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary.

FSCT and NPCA Websites
These two communications vehicles will be merged into one website for the newly combined organization, offering all services in a consolidated manner. As such, members will continue to have access to all current services in a much more centralized and efficient manner. The combining of current websites will take place during 2009. In the meantime, NPCA/FSCT will enhance the compatibility and functionality of the two sites to provide members with easier access to NPCA/FSCT services.

CoatingsTech Conference/Annual Meeting
During the years that NPCA/FSCT does not host the American Coatings Show and Conference (beginning in 2009), a world-class, industry-wide technical conference will be held in conjunction with or following the NPCA/FSCT Executive Leadership Conference/Annual Meeting. The next CoatingsTech Conference will take place on April 27-29, 2009 in Indianapolis, IN.

Education and Training
FSCT’s Advancement in Coatings Series (ACSeries) and the Virtual Learning Conferences (VLCs) will continue after the full merger is complete. Such science and technology education and training will bolster the ongoing regulatory and legislative programs offered by NPCA.

Liaison with Local Societies and Associations
The newly combined association will continue to support the work of the local associations and local societies. The FSCT Society Liaison Council (SLC) will continue to be an important vehicle for interaction between the NPCA/FSCT and the various local organizations. The SLC will continue to meet and serve as a key communication link into the NPCA/FSCT. In the future, the NPCA/FSCT will consult with the membership on how to best involve the local associations and paint councils in this or a similar manner.

Coatings Industry Education Foundation (CIEF)
The new combined association will continue to provide staff and administrative support for the CIEF and to look for ways to help grow this important organization.

NPCA/FSCT Committees
The NPCA/FSCT committee structure will continue to serve as an important source for volunteer leadership and participation in the newly merged organization. NPCA is conducting a committee evaluation process led by its Board of Directors. That process will now include FSCT committees as well. The goal will be to streamline the committee structure so that it supports the new NPCA/FSCT, while providing members with direct access to the new organization.

FSCT and NPCA Membership Categories
The newly combined association will continue to offer NPCA corporate membership categories as well as all FSCT individual membership categories at their current rates. Current FSCT members will continue to receive all FSCT member goods and services with no disruption including but not limited to JCT Coatings Tech, member pricing for all education and training programs (CoatingsTech Conference, ACSeries, VLCs), access to the association’s web site, issues of the e-newsletter Coatings Today, member pricing for the JCTR or free online access to the archives, as well as member pricing for all science and technology related publications. In the future, new incentive programs will be explored to enhance the value of membership in NPCA/FSCT.

In the coming weeks, NPCA/FSCT will provide updates on the progress of the merger and the benefits for NPCA/FSCT members. In the meantime, a survey of the entire membership will be taken to ensure that the new NPCA/FSCT continues to meet member needs during and after the merger and reorganization process.