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Evonik displays innovative technologies at the European Coatings Show

By Tim Wright | March 31, 2009

Evonik Industries is exhibiting a wide range of products and solutions for the international coating market at this year's European Coatings Show.

Evonik Industries is exhibiting a wide range of products and solutions for the international coating market at this year's European Coatings Show. With high-quality coating components and industry-specific expertise, Evonik currently generates approximately 14% of its sales in the chemicals business area. About four percent of sales revenues are plowed back into research for new coating raw materials and technologies, with R&D focusing on the development of additives, raw materials, coloring systems, and resins for advanced environmentally compatible systems. These include, for example, nano-modified raw materials for scratch-resistant coating systems. The area of coatings is therefore an important and highly promising market of the future for the company in the chemicals sector.

The products developed by Evonik are to be found in the most diverse areas of application in everyday life. Binders, for example, are major components of coatings and essential to their structural stability, thus ensuring the required durability. They are used in the metal components of building facades, for example in profiled sheeting for factory buildings, and as design elements in high-end architectural construction. Evonik also produces some of these binders in the plants recently established in China under the MATCH project.

Evonik additives are present in almost all coated products on the market, such as cell phones, refrigerators and cars. These additives allow the coating to be applied uniformly and ensure better adhesion of the coated films on plastic or metal parts. Evonik's TEGO products make an important contribution here.

In the area of coloring, Evonik's color blending systems make it possible to adjust a coating to any desired hue using only a few basic colors. The principle is the same as for color production in an inkjet printer. Any conceivable hue can be mixed at the point of sale—in a DIY store, for example—in a matter of minutes. The advantage for distributors is obvious: They need stock only the basic colors. Evonik offers the COLORTREND product series for this purpose, and the expertise of Evonik's color experts has also flowed into the POLYTREND series.

Crosslinkers give a coating the required durability. Evonik custom tailors crosslinker chemistry for various technologies, for example for crosslinking by heating or irradiation. This results in color-fast, weathering-resistant coatings—for trains and cars, for example—through the use of such product lines as VESTAGON and VESTANAT. In addition to this, Evonik has developed new methacrylates for the use of aqueous crosslinking systems, at ambient temperatures. These make a significant contribution to complying with the increasingly stringent VOC directives.

In the area of inorganic particle design, Evonik offers the ACEMATT matting agent. The custom designed particles are being developed that change the coating on its surface, giving rise to a new structure. This creates a matting effect by diffuse scattering of light, particularly on metallic surfaces, as in cars, but also for wood and plastic coatings.

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