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Cognis launches Greenovating concept

By Tim Wright | April 2, 2009

At the 2009 European Coatings Show (ECS), Cognis unveiled its newest solutions for the architectural coatings market.

At the 2009 European Coatings Show (ECS), Cognis unveiled its newest solutions for the architectural coatings market. Among the products presented were new “green” defoamers, highly efficient rheology modifiers, “green” dispersing agents, and a natural oil-based coalescent for water-based architectural paints and coatings. These solutions fit in with Cognis’ Greenovating concept that was launched at the show supporting paints and coatings manufacturers to satisfy the consumer trend for products that are both sustainable and high performing.

“To succeed in the coatings market, manufacturers need solutions that are sustainable and at the same time offer superior performance,” said Paula Gómez Perea, senior marketing manager coatings Europe. “With our new Greenovating concept, we demonstrate that it is possible to develop products that offer greater performance than their fossil-based counterparts and represent truly ‘green’ alternatives for the architectural paints and coatings industry.”

Cognis presented Dehydran SE 1, a polymer emulsion defoamer for high-PVC water-based paints. It provides an alternative to mineral oil-based defoamers, and delivers excellent performance. Dehydran SE 1 is easy to handle, suitable for use in all types of paints, and offers excellent foam suppression. Derived from renewable resources, it is odor and VOC-free, and has an ultra-low content of semi-volatile organic compounds (S-VOCs).

A new product for high-end paints in Cognis’ defoamer range is Dehydran 2293. It offers superior defoaming performance and excellent long-term efficiency. It is a high performing product for high-gloss, highly pigmented systems and clear coatings. Dehydran 2293 is completely free of VOCs and solvents, and is therefore suitable for use in paints with pro-environmental labeling.

Cognis’ vegetable-oil-based defoamer Foamaster 350 was also presented at the ECS. It offers superior foam suppression performance and excellent long-term stability. It is VOC-free, low in S-VOCs, easy to handle and does not cause haze or fogging. Foamaster 350 contains more than 95% renewable raw materials, making it ideal for use in paints with pro-environmental labeling, such as the EU Eco-label, the Blue Angel or the German TÜV seal.

Cognis introduced two new highly efficient associative thickeners. DSX 3291, an associative thickener for “green” water-based coatings, is a pseudoplastic viscosity builder. DSX 3291 is easy to handle and can be incorporated into coating formulations with low shear power. The product allows thick coatings to be easily sprayed. DSX 3291 is suitable for all types of paints, such as premium flat and eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss coatings.

DSX 3100 is a highly efficient ICI builder, which allows for reduction of KU-builder such as cellulose ethers. It is free of VOCs, odor, alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO), solvents and heavy metals. Its gloss and color acceptance makes it universally suitable for architectural and industrial applications.

Cognis also presented Hydropalat 216, an efficient and sustainable alternative to polymeric dispersing agents. It is free from organic solvents and APEOs, and can be used in a wide range of applications. Hydropalat 216 offers a single dispersing solution for organic and inorganic pigments with improved gloss and compatibility.

Other Cognis products promoted at the ECS included three “green” dispersing and wetting agents for pigment pastes and slurries: Hydropalat 1080, Hydropalat 3204 and Hydropalat 7003. They are all free of VOCs, APEOs and solvents. Hydropalat 1080 and Hydropalat 7003 are also based on renewable raw materials. All three dispersing agents offer excellent pigment stabilization, viscosity reduction, and wetting and dispersing properties. They also improve the gloss and color intensity of pigment pastes and offer solutions for water-based and universal systems.

At the show, Cognis also presented Loxanol EFC 300, a VOC-free coalescent (in accordance with 1999/13/EC or 2004/42/EC), based on natural resources. Compared to competitive products, it is more efficient in lowering the minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) and enables exterior coatings to harden faster and to improve dirt pick-up and scratch resistance.

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