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Lanxess presents products for “Pigments & Protection”

By Tim Wright | April 2, 2009

Lanxess AG is presenting its premium products for the coatings industry under the motto

Lanxess AG is presenting its premium products for the coatings industry under the motto "Pigments & Protection" at the European Coatings Show. These include new preservatives for decorative wood coatings and organic and inorganic colorants for the coloration of high-grade coating materials. In addition, flame retardants and additives specially formulated for transparent coatings are being presented for the first time.

Lanxess’ Inorganic Pigments business unit (IPG) is presenting its range of inorganic pigments. Products presented include premium-grade, micronized iron oxides as well as Bayferrox 915, the non-needle-like yellow pigment for low-viscosity pigment preparations, and Bayferrox 360, a black pigment characterized by its blue undertone in combination with high tinting strength.

Solvent-free, organic and inorganic pigment preparations as colorants for wood protection and wall paints, plasters, laminate flooring, sandpaper and numerous other specialty applications are available within the Levanyl and Levanox lines. The range offered by the Functional Chemicals (FCC) business unit includes microgranules suitable for specialty solutions. Because of their small and homogeneous particle size and high pigment content, Levanyl Gran and Levanox Gran require only a low addition and small amounts of energy to develop their full tinting strength, gloss, transparency and intensity.

The range of colorants is suitable for low-emissions wood and architectural coatings according to DIN EN 971-1 and RAL-UZ 102, such as for dispersion coatings bearing the Blue Angel ecolabel. Levanyl and Levanox also satisfy the requirements of European Standard EN-71, Parts 3, 7 and 9 for use in toys and finger paints.

Numerous products are available for flame-retardant, covering coatings. Lanxess flame retardants from the FCC Disflamoll and Levagard lines are specially formulated for use in transparent coatings. The phosphorous compounds remain invisible and do not adversely affect the finish of the substrate. They also exhibit compatibility and dissolving power for binders and additives. Applications include coatings for natural wood veneers for paneling the cabins of aircraft and ships. Products from the Disflamoll and Levagard lines offer a number of other properties in addition to flame retardance. The proper choice of products enables halogen-free, colorless, low-viscosity and VOC-free formulations, for example.

The Material Protection Products business unit offers a comprehensive range of biocides and biocidal formulations for paints, wood and antifouling coatings as well as in-can preservation applications. Different product types are used to provide protection against bacteria, fungi, molds, algae or insects. In response to the trend toward waterborne systems, Lanxess is continuously expanding its portfolio of biocidal formulations. The new Preventol C 20-D has a fungicidal effect; the new Preventol C 30 is fungicidal and algicidal. These pumpable, VOC-free dispersions are refinements of the IPBC-based Preventol MP line offering a broader spectrum of action with improved efficacy.

Lanxess also offers the cobiocide Preventol A5-S for antifouling coatings used to protect ship hulls, for example. It exhibits efficacy against macroalgae, slime producers and other fouling organisms. The company's in-can preservatives offer a broad spectrum of microbicidal action in liquid, waterborne products and prevent infestation with germs, in particular bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Preventol formulations that are free o VOCs and formaldehyde are also available. VOC-free, waterborne dispersions with both fungicidal and algicidal action and based on, for example, zinc pyrithione, octylisothiazolinone and diuron are available for dry-film preservation.

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