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Celanese Announces Emulsions Expansion in China

By Tim Wright | November 17, 2009

New investment responds to growing demand for VAE emulsion technology; Expansion to support company’s growth throughout Asia.

Celanese Corporation recently announced it is expanding its vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) manufacturing facility at its Nanjing, China, integrated chemical complex. The investment will support continued growth plans for the Celanese Emulsion Polymers business throughout Asia, including China, India and Southeast Asia and Australia. The expanded facility will double the company’s VAE capacity in the region and is expected to be operational the first half of 2011.

“This expansion anticipates continuing strong growth for high performing VAE emulsions in the region,” said Doug Madden, Celanese corporate executive vice president. “Celanese is committed to growth within China and across Asia, and this expansion is a solid example of our ongoing investment in the region. We recognize the importance of planning for the future growth of our Emulsions business and are preparing for growth by building upon our past success at our Nanjing facility.”

The emulsions expansion is the latest in a number of investments by Celanese in China. Nanjing is currently the largest integrated site in the Celanese global manufacturing network with six production units including acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), several units from Celanese’s Ticona business and the existing emulsions plant.

“Since our first manufacturing activities in China just over three years ago, Celanese Emulsion Polymers has grown into a thriving organization in China and is presently expanding across Asia, into India and surrounding countries, Southeast Asia and Australia,” said Phil McDivitt, general manager, Celanese Emulsion Polymers. “As a global leader in vinyl-based chemistries, Celanese Emulsion Polymers brings innovation to our customers and we will continue to introduce cutting-edge products such as our EcoVAE emulsions.”

EcoVAE emulsions, introduced in 2008, are high-performing binders used in low odor, low VOC, environmentally friendly paints and coatings. In addition, the emulsions expansion will support many industries including adhesives, waterproofing, building and construction.

The new VAE emulsions plant will yield manufacturing and supply chain synergies with the company’s current facilities that manufacture vinyl-based homo- and copolymers, pure acrylic and VAE emulsions.

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