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Jotun Launches 'Cool Shades Collection' for Architectural Powder Coatings

By Tim Wright | May 11, 2010

New range uses heat reflective technology to reduce temperature of aluminium extrusions and other building components and thereby lower energy consumption costs.

Jotun Powder Coatings has launched the ‘Cool Shades Collection,' a new collection of powder coatings formulated to reduce the temperature of aluminium building components that are exposed to the sun, thereby contributing to lowering buildings’ energy consumption and cooling costs. The range is based on heat management pigment technology that reflect the infrared energy from sunlight and keeps coated surfaces cooler, while still absorbing visible light energy to allow colors to maintain their vibrancy.The ‘Cool Shades Collection’ offers a wide range of colors to match both modern and traditional architecture, and is an ideal application for window frames, curtain walls, shutters, louvers and wall panels.

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