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Tikkurila Launches a New Tinting System and Shop Concept to the Russian Market

November 12, 2010

Tikkurila drives change in Russian paint market.

Tikkurila has launched its new tinting system called Avatint with state-of-the-art colorants and upgraded tinting software to the Russian market. Tikkurila also introduced new color materials and shop displays, together with a range of new façade products. These features will be gradually introduced in paint stores from the turn of the year 2010/2011.

Tikkurila launched its Symphony tinting system to the Russian market in 2002. The strengths of the new Avatint tinting system include high quality, minimal environmental impact and an optimal color range. Avatint is a modular system meaning that it includes product-specific combinations of colorants that provide both technical functionality and an extensive color range.

The Avatint tinting system is based on the latest innovations in colorant and pigment technology, according to the company. Weather resistance properties, for example, have been improved while the environmental impact of colorants has been reduced. Tikkurila has also prepared itself for the more stringent EU-level regulations related to VOC emissions from paint products.

A new version of the tinting software (CC9) introduces several improvements: options for barcode reading, product data sheet printing, milliliter dispensing, etc.

The new Feel the Colour collection brings new feeling and a more vivid experience to home decorators with its 263 colors, each formulated and grouped into seven palettes. They are displayed in take-home chips prepared with Tikkurila paints and colorants.

The new shop-in-shop display Visio, designed by the Finnish Pentagon Design Oy, will spice up emotions even further, inspiring consumers to change the look of their homes while helping them choose colors and the right products easily. The new shop displays offer additional elements for presenting the products and colors. A planning table with a ceiling, allowing customers to select a light corresponding to their own lighting environment, facilitates planning and color selection.

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